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    I guess it depends on your definition of drugs, as alcohol and nicotine are both known to be highly addictive – more so in fact than marajuana. My personal belief is that this is an area where engrained and possibly mistaken moral beliefs may need to be questioned and hard evidence examined instead.

    Not all implementations of decriminalisation…[Read more]

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    Lidl normally have good German foods,  and their Gluwine worth getting at Christmas. Amazingly their malt scotch was rated the best of all the supermarkets in blind tasting tests.

  • Ed P replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 23 hours, 20 minutes ago

    The subject of drugs is an emotional one, but where marijuana has been legalised drug crime has reduced. Where personal drug use has been decriminalised and supervision of its use has been instituted it has reduced even more. The list of countries that do this is growing. Uruguay decriminalised drug use forty years ago and established legalised…[Read more]

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    This is a bit of a necro thread, but that sanction has existed since 2002! The problem is repatriate them to where? Many destroy their documentation before appearing in the UK, and it then becomes difficult to repatriate them as their likely origin disowns them.

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    Almost entirely from the person reporting the incident. Sadly, I’m told that many of the incidents are due to elderly people with the paranoid form of dementia waving things such as kitchen knives, or people with suicidal tendencies.  Those reporting such incidents are almost entirely carers/neighbours. I do not have any stats on the frequency…[Read more]

  • A couple of years ago I badly pinched my finger trying to close an old garden umbrella. Other than it being painful I ignored it until the following Sunday when it developed a green lump surrounded by inflammation so off to the small injuries department in A&E. At least it gave the nurse a laugh as she filled out the Government ‘ Cause of injury ‘…[Read more]

  • To be fair, Richard was correct in using the term rental or lease in that if you stop paying you lose the product. Perhaps lease renewal is a more accurate terminology than ‘subscription’, but obviously software marketers thought that regular subscription sounded more ‘club-like’,

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    The MOD will tightly control all the media content as they must never let the public realise what a bunch of incompetents they are!

  • Apparently Google has to fork out cash to the Bleeding Edge adopters of the Pixel Phone. link

    I’m not sure whether UK purchasers share in the belated redress, but if you bought one then you may want to check.

  • Definitely looks like the Dreamliner should also be avoided if possible, it has just showered Rome with red-hot shards! link

    [edit] Unfortunately it appears that the Rolls Royce Trent engine may have been the cause.

  • Imo Drezha has the correct approach. If you require all the bells and whistles for competitive advantage then by all means upgrade. If not then evaluate using FOSS or just keeping your older software. (using a vm container makes that very practical for Windows but not I think for venal Apple).

    That said I dislike the subscription model as it can…[Read more]

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    I wonder why the Beeb went with H264 rather than the smaller file sizes of HEVC  for no discernable loss in quality. HEVC  vs H264 (comparison)   The other possible advantage is that the Turing HEVC codec is FOSS.

    I guess it was dictated by the Smart TV consortium.

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    Harking back to the early days of computer mags, ‘PagedOut’ is a digital mag in which each article is around a page long including code. The launch issue and its objectives can be found here.

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    I see you drink Titanic – a nice brew!

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    Richard I now see that you did not recognise that my post was actually following on from Dave’s post on people who are known to have a mental capacity problem. I agree, where something happens out of the blue, the shocking thinness of the ‘Blue Line is rarely relevant.

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    In some African countries you are not even fed. Your family is expected to bring food for you. Chopping off hands and heads in the Middle East also seems to work, as does 100 strokes of a cane. Apparently  we have moved beyond such forms of retribution, but sometimes I wonder.

    However the Western country with the lowest rate of recidivism is Norwa…[Read more]

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    Richard my comment was factual not bigoted rubbish. Many officers no longer really know their beats and the people involved. While I agree no-one has stated that the tasering was due to inexperience, the officer concerned may have taken a totally different approach if he/she had known the full background of the individual in question, it may also…[Read more]

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    We are now in a Catch 22 situation, our idiot Conservative Government so reduces our Police Force that there are too few Police Officers on the street to nip any situation in the bud. This is compounded by very inexperienced officers, many of whom do not even know the area having just been bussed-in from some outlying district to cover shortages…[Read more]

  • A Great Shame, but unfortunately paper magazines are slowly disappearing.

    Linux Journal has just joined the list of deceased mags.

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