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    I agree with Drezha, back in the 90s when I spent more time travelling on planes than at home, weight was the premium item. Only auditors got lumbered with the really heavy 5kg+ bricks (we had to slow them down somehow!) .

    My own preferred piece of travel kit in those days was a <1kg Toshiba Libretto – heaven knows how I managed huge spreadsheets…[Read more]

  • Our boiler is starting to play up. (cretinous design has a fan sitting in the exhaust gas stream – mms out in fixing and the damned bearings fail i.e replace every couple of years). Now got fingers crossed that it will survive until the fan can be replaced – as usual two call-out charges – bah!

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    Too late to comment, but I would have taken her to a PC World outlet and let her look at the full range of makes and sizes. My wife thought that she wanted a large screen laptop until she got to play with a 13 inch screen then she decided weight and the i/o (keyboard feel, mouse pad function and or touch screen were) the most important…[Read more]

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    Most of the common coins on eBay only seem to command scrap value – even the old silver joeys of Christmas Pudding fame are only worth scrap silver prices. I think you probably need uncirculated mint coins to get anything like the rumoured couple of hundred pounds for modern coins.

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    A mate of mine went that way. Spent too long in the Army (iCorps) imo, as when he came out he had been institutionalised for most of his life and was like a duck out of water. Soon turned to booze, and died from a blood vessel bursting in his throat. At that time (late eighties) there was very little post service support for settling back into civi life.

  • Just press the reset button?

  • “My question is HOW is it doing this? And how for free? There seems to be a big opening for abuse too.


  • “Double yellow lines with enforcement”

    Unfortunately these no longer seem to work since enforcement was taken away from the Police and handed over to District Councils.

    If we are lucky our medium sized town gets one visit (for four hours) by the pair of Parking Enforcement Officers every two weeks during which time they are supposed to be…[Read more]

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    I sometimes see this ‘flickering’ with my broadband router->Netgear switch (as noted by Wasbit this is normally when BT is screwing around with their boxes). Just to make certain that the BB router is not trying to handshake with the Netgear I switch off the lot for 30secs.

    The flickering is symptomatic of a failed handshake, but either of both…[Read more]

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    I would be very cautious about using the “Internet Repair Kit”. John obviously has not lost Internet. It is a Netgear router issue. Switch the Netgear and your Router off for 30 seconds, switch off your PC then switch back on.

    The ‘flickering lights’ is symptomatic of the router/Netgear getting into a ‘deadly embrace’ somewhere/somehow. The hard…[Read more]

  • If you keep getting Shingles is it worth asking about getting the anti-shingle vaccination? It may cost you £100 if you are not an old phart. Link

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    Probably another NATO golf outing at Celtic Manor or St Athen’s.

  • All the very best Bob, I hope that everything goes well.

  • Don’t get me wrong – there ARE competent Civil Servants who do excellent completed staff work. Unfortunately these people tend to be few in number and grossly overworked as a result of having to carry a lot of incompetent, lazy staffers, and their equally lazy managers.

    County Council Highways Depts have decision making responsibility for all the…[Read more]

  • Sounds good Richard – I hope all continues to go well.

    Your comment on ‘a couple of biopsies’ reminds me of a mate of mine who many years ago had problems with his knee joints (no surprises really as he was a Sparks), what was a surprise was that the newly qualified GP then check-marked about every vaguely related biopsy in the GP how-to do-it…[Read more]

  • Having worked most of my life in an open plan environment I cannot think of anything worse than trying to control a computer using voice. If I can, it soon gets switched off in preferences even on my phone. Yelling at a light or spy-machine like Alexa/Cortana in IoT is even worse imo..

  • Seek and ye shall find!

    However at least the class action environment is sufficient to ensure relatively quick fixes.

  • “but the Town Planner must have been severely off his face”

    Don’t blame your town planner, unfortunately such decisions are made by your County Highways Dept ‘Engineer’ who in my experience has obtained a BS(failed) in Highway Engineering from some obscure overseas uni and isn’t fit to shovel effluvium. However he/she has the requisite number of…[Read more]

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    Agree with all the above, but he also had a strong sense of humour; in pleasant contrast to  Richard Dawkins who takes himself far too seriously.

  • The old one ‘broke’ Windows Explorer for me (needed to do an Explorer restart in Task Manager), the fixed one is fine..

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