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  • Ed P replied to the topic 2.5" to 3.5" SSD in the forum PC Talk 14 hours, 10 minutes ago

    Agree with PM. You don’t need it for your purposes.

    For fixing I just use a couple of dabs of clear Silicone glue from my bodging kik. As Dave says the SSD weighs nothing and has no moving parts, though a good airflow can help life.

  • Why you may want to keep your old Broadwell server! (via Hacker News)

    It looks like a problem with heavily multithreaded applications. As a heavy use of multi-threading has yet to make an appearance in games code, the only other area where this MIGHT make an appearance is in graphics apps such as Photoshop. so no need to panic or start a Class…[Read more]

  • Bob, if you want ‘cheap’ then just connect a usb dvd player to the Bravia link

    [Edit] Scrub that, apparently it does not work with PC DVD add-ons.

  • I’m in a DAB dead spot. I would have to put in a dedicated DAB roof antenna and cabling – obviously a non-solution!

  • Unfortunately the usb solution is too slow. This is really a Chrome hog problem, but what happens is that Chrome gets into a problem writing to the usb cache which results in the Bluetooth speaker going into an unrecoverable under-run state. A cobbled fix(non-ideal) is to use yet another usb stick as dedicated swap.

    I agree a Eth0 solution would…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic Quirks in Libre Office? in the forum PC Talk 3 days, 11 hours ago

    The only time I have (in the past) noted odd formatting was after importing from a Microsoft docx file. I’ve not had cause to do this for a while.

    [edit] Duke is correct LibreOffice is a better choice over OO but the poster was referencing LO.

  • Ed P replied to the topic WORLD CUP 2018 RUSSIA in the forum Football 3 days, 14 hours ago

    As they are ‘travelling’ the Koran says that Muslims should adopt local customs and merge with the populace. i.e. absolutely no requirement to fast.

    I used to stay at the Hilton in Istanbul which has/had  bars, nightclub and a casino. During Ramadan all of these would be chock-block full of ‘travelling ‘ Saudies. and Kuwaities none of whom would…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic Fat v NTFS in the forum PC Talk 3 days, 20 hours ago

    It is probably pre-formatted using Fat32 which is good for around 2Tbytes, exFat would take it up into the Petabyte range!. However NTFS is a better choice for your purposes.

  • I have a Kitchen Pi project that aesthetics and usability dictate using both Wifi and a Bluetooth Speaker in conjunction with a Chromium Browser.

    This is a recipe for disaster with a Pi3 setup.

    a) Chromium is both a memory and an I/O hog

    b) The integrated Bluetooth and Wifi on a Pi3 are not usable as they share common interfaces, and this…[Read more]

  • Bob, I see you have the ubiquitous plastic doors (nice rose btw). I hope you have found the time to update your Euro lock barrel, some of the earlier Euro locks take seconds to open with a vibrator (sex toy) and blank key. link

    A couple up the road from me have a near identical front door, and they were done over by a walk-in thief a few months…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic 3D Sculpting in the forum Software Talk 6 days, 9 hours ago

    LOL – thanks for sharing!

  • Ed P started the topic 3D Sculpting in the forum Software Talk 6 days, 11 hours ago

    One for you Dan. link

    It appears to be a very fluid interface, and I look forward to playing with it once I have sorted out audio using Pi Bluetooth. (Interestingly that problem appears to be a BT router issue – ignoring the ‘smart’ setting and choosing channel 11 and zapping power saving seems to have fixed it! — stress testing underway)

  • @Dave – you made an interesting comment about BTHomeHub causing visibility issues as that is what I use. What router do you recommend as a replacement?

  • Ed P replied to the topic Wireless TV? in the forum TV, Film & Music 6 days, 20 hours ago

    The Sky installers are to blame, their customer script says to push wifi broadband and preferably that of Sky. It is only if you have an existing point and you want it used that they will go to the master menu’s wired options setup section. (a reluctant admission from a Sky installer)

  • Ed P replied to the topic 2 forumite users in the forum Other Stuff 6 days, 20 hours ago

    Afraid that either Clundy is very shy or a ‘spider’, he/she never participates.

  • Sorry Dave I disagree. Renaming the PCs to something meaningful makes it a lot easier to sort out which computer is invisible and needs sorting out.

  • Unfortunately Microsoft has gone crazy in the interests of pushing you towards their nasty Cloud alternate. You now have to go through the hassle of individual folder-level sharing using File Explorer. This link explains the somewhat cumbersome way of sharing on a home network.BUT it does not always work as the Networking carp often does not show…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic Wireless TV? in the forum TV, Film & Music 1 week ago

    If a good wifi signal is available wherever needed then no additional TV points are required. Sky etc basically allow TV without TV points and of course there are other options such as Roku etc.

  • Ed P replied to the topic An Untrustworthy Partner? in the forum USA 1 week ago

    Trump’s latest shenanigans at the G7 reminds me of the ‘Fall of the Roman Empire’.  We and all the rest of the suckers allies have been providing the mercenaries and buffer zones that prop up a fading empire with the US providing a trustworthy political centre. Just like the Romans the US is becoming greedy and self-centred and doing things that…[Read more]

  • Ed P replied to the topic Toshiba TV in the forum TV 1 week, 1 day ago

    Sorry John, I misunderstood. I guess I’m just not sure why he uses a Freeview box, the TV comes with Freeview Play which appears to do most everything a Freeview box will do.

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