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    During the period I was travelling a lot in China titles were important. CEO, COO, and President were about as low as you could go if you wanted to meet people capable of making decisions. Never did make an Asian President, but I had a raft of Chief this, Head/Director of that titles. My only President title was in Africa where it really did not…[Read more]

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    Annw Widdicombe is delusional if she thinks standing as an MEP will have any real impact on the actual Brexit process, all it will do is improve her pension if she gets in.

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    Politicians ignore their election manifestos or screw it up, so we get another chance to change our minds.

    Referenda are really no different, especially one based on the stupid slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Which actually meant the politicians did not have a clue, and the public did not really know what they were voting for.

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    No-one knows.

    Last night’s 1922 Committee Meeting showed that even the hard-line Brexiteers did not know what they wanted and bottled doing anything. This whole Brexit shambles just keeps getting worse. We need another referendum to bring some clarity to everything.

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    Richard’s last response is one for you one to keep an eye on, and step in if necessary. Sometimes just being a third party for the affected person helps.

    Luckily for us our experience is only as helpful neighbours, but I did note that in half of those affected, love turned to hatred and violence at being confined or frustrated in chasing their…[Read more]

  • I assume that you clicked on ‘Clone or Download’ (top right green box), and nothing happened.

    Normally this gives you the option to download a zip file of the code. If it did not work for you try again as the 12.4Mb download worked just fine for me.

  • In my neck of the woods there were often a number of 11 plus real successes who opted to go to Technical School. A fair proportion of these did so due to parental pressure (father was a plumber, electrician etc and wanted son to follow). On the female side, many parents wanted them to do Accountancy or Shorthand and Typing etc. – definitely non-pc…[Read more]

  • Richard I think your first post was spot-on. Individual thinking, and questioning custom and practice were/are generally frowned on in the Civil Service. The system dates back to the Victorian days where the man at the high desk doles out the work to his clerks, and everything is done by the book – irrespective if the book was written in Victorian…[Read more]

  • Uses the .Net 2.1 framework, but is all C++, and may give you some graphics engine clues, or bit you can pilfer.

    “This is the repo for the bepuphysics v2 library, a complete rewrite of the C# 3d rigid body physics engine BEPUphysics v1.”


  • I do not know how usable it is but this Physics library has a very impressive demo!

  • They still exist, but I would guess that other than a handful of 50+ people, most are cheapo graduates getting experience before moving on to better pay and less hide-bound conditions.

    I was very fortunate as an undergraduate to do vacation work in a Government lab and it put me off the Civil Service for life!

  • It is pay and conditions that cause the problem in the FAA. Knowing the disparaging way that our Civil Service look down on the technical arms, I would suspect that the position is MUCH worse in our own CAA.

    However, whether within or outside the Civil Service such bodies must be independent and on a par with High Court Judges and Law Lords.

  • I think it is probably reasonable to include a fair quote from the ‘Flying’ web site:

    “The agency said, “The noted condition presents an immediate danger to pilots and passengers of Cirrus Design Corporation Model SF50 airplanes because an uncommanded pitch down may be difficult to recover from in some flight regimes with potentially fatal c…[Read more]

  • A correction is probably called for as my posts kept referring to pitot tubes as the problem. In fact it appears that the pitch/angle of attack sensor has been the cause of the 737Max issues and this is rather like a movable vane attached to the aircraft. However as a mechanical element which is exposed to the elements it needs regular service and…[Read more]

  • I did a little research into the latest digital instrument control, but the more I read the less I understand the comments on Thales lack of understanding, or how Boeing could even dream of using the output from just one sensor. In essence modern instrumentation control recognises that all sensors have a lot of spurious noise, and they use a…[Read more]

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    If Corbyn gets through his preferred deal of a Customs Union then BAE etc will be very happy as will the car industry workers. Even the DUP will be happy as it pretty much removes any hard border threat. It will only be those looking for a mythical democracy who will be upset.

  • IEEE has just published a simple guide to what became a massive design and human factors cock-up. link

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    Hopefully things will improve in the future. There seems to be a definite link with the cold sore virus, and there are some big  trials using an anti-viral at early stage diagnosis. Taiwan has led the way with over 100,000 people in trial, I think (?) there is also a small-scale trial taking place in the Newcastle area.

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    As Richard says there are many different forms and prognosis for this affliction. The ones I knew all went through similar stages regressing back through the various life milestones eventually winding up as ‘babies’ unable even to swallow food. The worst phase seems to be the teenage equivalent especially with those prone to aggression. All in all…[Read more]

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    I agree Dave – tactical voting in a GE is the way to go, and the only way I will see change in my area.

    Incidentally no-one should look for trends in Local Council Elections as most people vote for the person and not a party, in fact I think political parties should be banned at local/district level as they just distort good decision making.

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