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  • I think it petered out once it had infected >60% of the population. If anything that flu was a lot worse as it preferentially killed the under 25s by over-stimulating their immune system, old pharts only had a mild illness by comparison. Covid-19 knocks off the other end and preferentially kills old pharts.

  • The WHO site has all that you will need, just go to the latest report.

    WHO link

  • Just to add to the inanity of our Government’s head in the nether end, Imperial College London have just stated in their latest Report 6 that two thirds of exported Covid-19 cases have been undetected and will have resulted in multiple chains of infection that are still waiting to be identified.

    Given the <28 day incubation period of covid-19 we…[Read more]

  • The Beeb ‘medical/health’ correspondent is slowly unwinding his position as a Government shill, but we are still in the ‘lets not frighten the horses’ phase and he continues to downplay the risks.

    I maintain that there is a lot this inept Government could do/have done to reduce risks e.g. gel stations, but it still seems to have its head up its…[Read more]

  • Although local officials have a well established track record of lying to Central Government, I think the fate of the Wuhan mayor has probably brought a strong measure of honesty to this particular party. I think that those unfamiliar with China are unaware of the barriers that the Chinese can and do place on freedom of movement, and the relative…[Read more]

  • Details of the scheme were apparently only released to the ‘Conservative’ press i.e. The Mail and Telegraph. (No others appeared on a Google search) Now I REALLY start to wonder if an ultra-right Cummings doctrine has been secretly put into force!

    Mail link

    Joking aside, something is required. The latest report from China is that the covid-19…[Read more]

  • As far as I can see, the BBC have not even indexed anything similar for the (quite useless) BBC web site search.The article ‘never existed’!

    I’m afraid Mushroom Matt Hancock still has his head up his nether-end and is failing to keep the UK public informed. It looks rather like he is trying to contain panic while he and his mates stock up their…[Read more]

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    Good luck Dan, just don’t pig-out too much on the local delicacy of Jammie Dodgers!

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    If you use DSL etc., then you normally MUST use their in-built browser with all its many quirks and lack of extensions.

    If you are up to dismantling and fiddling around then old laptop screens can sometimes be repurposed as ‘magic mirrors‘ for a Raspberry Pi. If you have a local school who have a strong STEM group then they may appreciate a…[Read more]

  • One reported problem is that the ‘all-clear’ test appears to be inaccurate.

    People have been given the all-clear for as many as five tests only for the sixth to test positive. The reasons were unclear, one can only surmise that perhaps the method used to incubate/amplify the samples does not work very well for this particular virus. (doesn’t bode…[Read more]

  • Thanks to May’s stupidity we probably have insufficient police to cope with things without a public insurrection. (for example many crimes are not investigated because of resources). However if there is a threatened break-down of Law & Order the Government always has the option of declaring martial law zones. I personally think that such an event…[Read more]

  • Unless the dredging takes the water straight out to sea it just passes the problem down the line. The better solutions are water meadows and flood plains in the higher reaches of water courses. Not only do they reduce the rate of run-off they provide wild life (farmer free) sanctuaries for pollinating insects.

    In my youth the Somerset levels were…[Read more]

  • That being so, why haven’t we seen the same infection rates in this country?Many of those with covid-19 were wandering around in an infectious state for a number of days.

    About the only real difference I know of between Asians and Caucasian/Africans is a much higher percentage of Blood Group B. The other thing is that public toilets in Asia are…[Read more]

  • If you do buy Magnesium avoid the very cheap and virtually useless Magnesium Oxide tablets. This even has a low Mg++ bio-availability in healthy young people, the reduced gut function of old gits means that such pills are hardly absorbed at all.

    By analogy to SARS and MERS the National Geographic article implied that the gut may play an important…[Read more]

  • Maybe the Government knows what it is doing, but unfortunately it looks like they have their heads up their nether ends. I would be much happier if they produced an action plan of steps they will take when the brown stuff hits the fan in the UK.

    A simple measure that I would like to see introduced asap by the Government is a requirement that…[Read more]

  • The National Geographic has a blow by blow picture of the way SARS-Covid-19 can attack every organ in your body. A very scary breakdown. Even more scary is their contention that covid-19 kills 23 times more infected people than does flu. It puts the UK media/Government shills in their place, but unfortunately our media seems to be under a D notice!

  • Lots of human traffic official or otherwise between Iran and Qatar. I’ll take a large bet that there will be no reported cases in Qatar.

  • I managed to obtain some Avloclor, however not without some more discussion with the pharmacist. The first 30secs smelt like a cya as he restated that my proposed use was quite unsanctioned and against his specific recommendations. He then asked under what circumstances I would take the medication. I think this was of interest to him rather than…[Read more]

  • The quick deaths in Iran are not that unusual. Looking at the pathology in the Lancet which was linked earlier, SARS-covid-19 starts with 6 days of a dry cough and chills (the cough continues to the end) This is followed by 3 days of fever and chills, then 5 more days of coughing before death.

    If your number is on the ticket, half of your 14 days…[Read more]

  • Bob, I think you just made them twice as old as they are! I hope you are wrong as the wife and I went to one of their very early gigs in the LSE student union.

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