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    Sorry it has been a while since I was here.

    So whats the score with changing hardware then? I’ve found W7 (at least the disc I bought) to be fine with me upgrading hardware and when time came for a new mobo (and new everything else) it was fine as well. And that despite it being and OEM copy.

  • Yeah I know your right. Main reason I don’t want to do it is I’ve a load of older games that I love that I’ve modded extensively. I guess I could probably just copy the installed folders before the format. Then after the windows install install the games and just copy the old folders back to the C drive. I know that works with Baldur’s Gate…[Read more]

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    Ah nuts. The guy changed it to an auction. I know it was a BIN when I saw it because I specifically noted that it had best offer available, then when I checked sold prices I saw it was cheap. Guess he listed it that way by mistake.

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    Wow! When did comparison sites like that start up? And thanks!

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    So I’m going to be moving from W7 to 10 soon and I thought I might as well get a new (2nd hand) CPU. At the very least I’ve been meaning to open the rig up for the first time in years and give it the undoubtedly much needed clean/vacuum. A new CPU will give me the impetus to do it.

    So I’ve got a Asrock Z170A-X1/3.1 with an old G3900. So I’m…[Read more]

  • Hey, thanks for the tip but as you guessed I might… Yeah I’ve had SSD’s for a little while longer than my current mobo! Actually I was still using an ancient mobo that couldn’t really use SSD’s particularly well when I first got one. An old P5N-E SLI with some CPU that when I got the mobo had been some £300-400 unit. Of course the one I had was…[Read more]

  • First of all I’ll say a big hello to all the old Micro Mart users! Although I was hardly on there for the last few years or so I had actually used it since 2000 and I recognise some names and avatars. Can’t remember my name of course…

    Anyway it has come time to finally move from W7 to 10. In the older days I’d have no problem doing a format and…[Read more]

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