• When I bought the latest car, I looked at a possible EV version. Loads of problems ensued.

    1. It was overpriced by comparison, heavily so.
    2. They were under-specced, ( petrol versions were similarly so ) compared to the diesel. High specced EV and petrol cars were as rare as rocking horse poo and carried a premium of £2k over comparable diesels.

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  • One of the things that I like about Sky mobile plan is £6 a month for unlimited calls/texts and 1Gig data,  new customers start at £7 pm and 2Gig data, but any unused data rolls forward into a piggy-bank, which can be used to boost a higher usage month or get rewards.

  • JayCeeDee replied to the topic Off with his head! in the forum UK 1 day, 17 hours ago

    I said that back when they broke for the summer recess and all went off on holiday ( for how many weeks?? ) . Keeping them at it would have focused minds on truly resolving it. Then they could get back to what was obviously more important to them!!.

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    Interesting new option from MS – the opportunity in future to re-install W10 off the cloud. It just came in to my Windows Insider Inbox  – thought I’d opted out of that!!


    “A faster, easier way to reset your PC.
    Running into trouble and need to re-install Windows? Instead of creating a USB stick with installation media, you can now download…[Read more]

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    If they did an Electric Drive version of that car, would it be called the QE2??? Just a thought……….I’m leaving now!!🙃🙃

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    Were it on TV these days, it would probably be re-titled “You cannot be serious, Prime Minister!!” – shades of McEnroe!!

  • As evidenced by NEW YORK . I can remember in the 60’s and 70’s watching Kojak and the like  and wondering why the pavements were ‘smoking’. When I found out what it was, I couldn’t believe that ( or a version of it ) hadn’t been adopted in greater numbers by  cities across the world to supply heat or whatever else could be resourced from the energy.

  • During the Extinction Rebellion reporting last week, there was a report where a councillor from Leeds was talking about their waste facility.

    Info HERE .

    I was impressed !! Pumping steam/hot water into the city centre – how many of those nasty boilers will that replace?!!

    It’s the sort of thing that should be rolled out across the country,…[Read more]

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    Reminds me of a trip I once took!!!😘😝🙃

  • That’s me too, but we knew the make we wanted – G Plan – had sat in the various models in Fenwicks, so the only toss-up was fabric or leather. Either suited me, but the wife was bouncing between one and the other, for multiple reasons, but decided on the leather as most practical for her ( messy ), any dogs that might dare to try it out, and…[Read more]

  • I used FB Marketplace last month and was very impressed with it too.

    We’d just bought a ‘new’** ( ex-photoshoot/display ) sofa and recliner for the lounge and needed to move the old one on. It was 7 years old but still in very good condition. We didn’t want anything for it, as when we were starting up years ago, we would have loved to have found…[Read more]

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    I switched from FF about three years ago – and I went to Chrome….. I’ve found it superb overall, can’t really think of any major hiccups. It’s slightly memory heavy, but I’ve got 8Gb so it doesn’t really impact too much. 16Gb and I would never notice.

    I don’t notice any slowdowns, but when opening Task Manager it shows 60 – 80% total memory…[Read more]

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    Have a long hot soak in the bath and forget about today – large brandy/whatever, afterwards and an early night.

    Tomorrow can only be better!! Good luck.👍👍

  • I don’t use it much at all, and don’t have music streaming, but Google Music Play works its way through my music library – just checked Storage and GMP shows 2.4Gb of music and audio. Music folder on my PC is 10Gb+ don’t know what I rationed onto the G5. I’ve got loads of space on the 64Gb memory card, ( only 2.6Gb used  – half apps and half ‘…[Read more]

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    Well, the conference speech is over, but I couldn’t believe the music they used. I only picked up on it at the end as he left the podium, but checking the speech on the Telegraph website it was at the beginning as well.

    Baba O’Reilly, by the Who.

    Let me quote the lyrics and see whether you think they’re apt, or just a mix of pessimism, optimism,…[Read more]

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    Totally agree, but it’s not always planned!!

    Some years ago ( 8 – 9 ) we went to France to visit family we’d not seen for some time. While we were there, there was a death in the family and as the eldest the wife became co-ordinator and remote organiser for the funeral. We came back to a £250 bill, so £70 looks good – even though it needed o…[Read more]

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    She’s messing about with the ring on her finger, so maybe she was ‘proposing’ something interesting??!!

  • JayCeeDee replied to the topic O2 WiFi Extra in the forum Other Tech 2 weeks, 6 days ago


    …..and if you’d been to most or all of those ten pubs, that could have been a likely outcome!!😡😉

  • I was scrolling through my ebay purchases earlier today and came across the license I got through them. Still fine 15 months on!!


    Good to see you back here. 😀😀

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