• I was lucky enough to be able to drive myself in for my sessions, with no ties or dependencies. I can see how it impacts in your situation and you have my sympathy and best wishes.

    The long day would start with the second antibody, followed by a 2 hour break between infusions that I used for lunch, then the long drawn out chemo finishing after…[Read more]

  • Just been looking at Google Maps and it offered me the chance to install Android Auto so I have. I’ll give it a try and see how it does. It’ll be interesting to see if it replaces the TomTom app or supplements it!!


    My TomTom Speed Camera app performs that function for me!! It’s set up to  pair to the car when the ignition comes on.


    Enjoy the car!!

  • JayCeeDee replied to the topic Hospital Parking in the forum Other Stuff 3 days, 19 hours ago

    Try the hospital website – there might be information and contact numbers there.

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    Don’t wait until something comes through your letterbox. Phone either the hospital or the parking company and tell them what you’ve written here, telling them that if they look at the time stamps they will see that you didn’t have time to park.

    Be pro-active and get in touch. It’s always harder to fight it after the fact.

    iirc you had a post,…[Read more]

  • That’s a similar treatment regime to mine for the Lymphoma.

    I’d have 2 anti-body treatments, first one in the afternoon and second on the following morning. A quick lunch at the Marsden cafe then a chemo in the afternoon/evening before driving home. It actually took just long enough for me to miss the rush hour journey home.😀👍

    That was only for…[Read more]

  • EGR as a system works fine, so long as it’s all accessible.

    Mine were sticking and bringing up an engine light last year. Parts were about £200, but to replace them cost me over £1200!! In their wisdom MB had placed them beneath the exhaust manifold but facing the bulkhead!! It was an engine out job!!

    If it hadn’t been for the fact that it w…[Read more]

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    The wife’s been watching it and I’ve just been listening to the American preacher and the Gospel choir and this image of John Belushi doing handstand cartwheels down the aisle of Windsor Chapel kept flashing through my mind!!! The wife thought I was mad for laughing at that tender moment.

    Someone should also tell Camilla to hide her face behind a…[Read more]

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    John – a sometimes forgotten USB socket is on some modern TV’s. While Dad may not have one, there’s also THESE which can easily do the job too.👍

  • JayCeeDee replied to the topic 240v USB charger in the forum Other Stuff 6 days, 17 hours ago


    John – I’ve just googled “huawaei phone charger” and got THIS as the first hit. It looks identical to yours. As the write up states the output is 5v / 2A. That should do a stand-up job of charging your shaver.


    Alan might possibly have got confused, because I think he’s referring to the photo of the BaByliss for Men charger plug ( 3v )…[Read more]

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    John – looking at the review for that shaver, I can see that it came with a lead that plugs into the shaver at one end and has a standard size USB plug at the other.

    Something like THIS will do for you. The shaver is charged by the USB lead ( 5v ) and most appliances will just take the amount of power they need to charge up the battery. The guy…[Read more]

  • Cheers, Bob. Yes I’m doing fine currently. Only suffering from a residual hypersensitive tingling over my back and sides from the shingles.

    My thoughts are that they tried to go down the cheap cream route instead of the expensive, but effective, anti-viral tablets. The cream did nothing and when eventually they concurred with my ( and the…[Read more]

  • I was lucky – I never needed the anti-sickness pills when on the chemo. However when the last bout of shingles left me feeling sick, the pharmacist recommended a particular drug. It turned out to be the same as the one they give the wife for her Menieres.

    Pro-ChlorPerazine, also known as Buccastem/Buccal. They are just a little tab that goes…[Read more]

  • I had the cannulas – no real problems throughout, or till now, – a couple of times my veins objected to being attacked and slunk off into a corner hiding, but mainly it was straightforward – a couple of times my arm felt like a dart board but that is just part of life ( I had a lot worse at some Blood Donor sessions in my younger days) – some good…[Read more]


    Just checked the medical paperwork and the chemo I had was Bendamustine. This was standard chemo, but was supplemented by the anti-body treatment Obinutuzumab ( Gazyva/Gazyvaro ). The trial was to test the efficacy of the Gallium with Bendamustine, as opposed to the usual ( already successful ) Rituximab/Bendamustine combination.


    This…[Read more]

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    Stick them in the ring, one on one with rules and watch them lose interest in it all!!! Most of what I saw on the news was “punch and run, dart back in, punch someone else and run”, or one guy holding someone, while somebody else punched or kicked them.

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    I was about to recommend Zoostorm PC’s – I’ve had mine for just on 2 years now and except for a couple of Window Wobbles it’s behaved faultlessly. The prices are higher than I thought ( £350 – £400 ) but maybe Dave will know a cheaper way in.

    That’s the second time prices have caught me out – I was looking at DDR4 memory after Task Manager s…[Read more]

  • Best of luck, Bob. They’ve been making great advances in treatments for Lymphoma – including the clinical trial that I was on. Don’t know enough to differentiate between what you call cancer in the Lymph Nodes and my Lymphoma. ( Follicular ; Non-Hodgkins.)

    I was one of the lucky ones – the chemo I got acted as a sort of “medicinal boost” – I…[Read more]

  • I suppose you could always take out some PPI to cover your PIP!!

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    The wife converted to vaping  just on three years ago now. She suffers from COPD, but her last Spirometry test ( strength of puff into a tube ) shows a 10% improvement over that time.

    She uses 50/50 PG/VG ( doesn’t have that annoying cough ) and is now down to 1.5 mg nicotine – she mixes tobacco flavour 3mg and 0mg in equal measures and…[Read more]

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