• @oldles – that was just the last image I looked at – the idea was there were so many settings screens, you might be able to make comparisons for some common settings. That’s what I took to be your problem, the default settings were empty on the install from Mint 19.

    Whichever way it goes, good luck with it.

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    I’ve just been looking around and found THIS. Presuming this is now in effect there must be an easy way to connect if OR aren’t replacing faulty white boxes.😉

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    Dave – I see a site visit to North Wales in your future😀😂 – you could earn a living out of this, you know!!😋😆


    If you’re going to reply with an emoji, please make sure you get it the right way round!

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    From my days with TT years ago, when I also ditched their router for a better Netgear one, the login is a mixture of your email/name/telephone number, password was TT’s version too, but they didn’t withhold it like Sky do, so just ask them.

  • Les – I know nothing of Linux, but doing a bit of Googling, I saw some screen grabs which show the settings ( default or otherwise  I don’t know ) and thought of Googling the images.

    The result was THIS.  There are loads of images of the settings pages. Maybe you’ll find an appropriate one and follow it from there.


    Good luck.

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    Sky have a different take on that, as I was expecting either a new router to replace the SkyHub that I’ve had for a couple of years, or another box ( white ) on the wall, but their latest hub can cope with both ADSL and fibre.

    As I need to run a Cat5/6 lead into the loft to sort out my wifi isssues, I’ll either have to re-locate the hub to near…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that Ed, – I use their differential backup scheme, [(1 x full + 2 x diff  over a three week period ) x 2] but the changes are small – a few documents/pictures, etc.

    Google Photos/Drive has duplicated my picture backups, along with some important documents to One Drive, but these uploads are bandwidth hogs on a 16/1 Meg…[Read more]


    @edps – can you please expand on that because until my fibre goes in next week and I start using cloud services to duplicate my backup regime, Acronis differential back up is what I use.


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    PM sent.😀

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    I’ve had a couple sitting round for a bit that you’re welcome to – they’re new, boxed, unused.

    One is an AKASA – 3-pin – the other is an XILENCE  – 4 pin PWM.

    Let me know if they’re your thing.

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    Have you checked out PC Decrapifier – no really that’s what it’s called – I used to use that on Dell laptops. Info HERE .

  • When we moved in here, the previous owners had a fridge/freezer cupboard that only had a fridge in the top half. In the bottom half was a litter tray and two cat flaps – one in the cupboard door and one in the outside wall!!

    We very quickly changed all that with a new fridge /freezer and several buckets of bleach and Dettol. The hole in the door…[Read more]

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    My son used AirBnb’s for business stays, so the following was less relevent to him, but when I looked at them, they seemed good value until you added in the cleaning costs – especially for 1 night stays – you were adding about another 50% to the cost!!

    The other problem you’ll have is Scotland contains the highest concentration of Scots in the…[Read more]

  • Some of those doors had panels that were inserts, you could either use the panel or a double-glazed unit. If it’s one of those a “Window Workshop” type company might be able to replace the complete panel for you. I don’t think they’re dear.

    If it’s all one moulding, I don’t have any experience of either glue, unfortunately.

  • One of my Escorts started off as an 1100 – I wanted a quick performance upgrade, so we put a MkII Cortina 1600GT into it. It needed nothing special to connect the engine and gearbox as the bolt holes all lined up and just fitted. The only problem we had was the placing of the chassis cross member under the sump. One had it to the front of the…[Read more]

  • I would, but half the time I’m facing the wrong way………………


    How wide is your toilet door???!!!!

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    Mum and Dad being in Wales, they didn’t get to see our son too often. One of the things that we did was one holiday a year we went as Anne and John, not Mum and Dad. We would drop him off to them and go for a week or ten days and it was a true break. It was a joy just being us.

    They loved it and David loved it too. Win-win!!

  • My brother had an early Civic over in Saudi Arabia in the 70’s/80’s. He was hit by someone joining the motorway and he spun off. He was left sitting, buckled up, in the driver’s seat, with the windscreen flapping from the roof join, but the front of the car, bonnet, wings, wheels and engine etc were off to the side of him. He walked out of that…[Read more]

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