• I just had a peep outside and it looks like the beast has been again.

    It looks like I’ll be stuck in, at least I have plenty of milk this time, let’s hope the pipes don’t burst.

  • True Bob they always hide

    True Duke that’s why I don’t phone, the scam here is, they don’t online chat so you have to phone and pay megga bucks.

    It’s about the April price increase on my TV that was froze in 2017 for 4 years. I will end up paying more in phone call, so they got me again.

    True again Bob, I am on a re contract, but when that’s…[Read more]

  • Have you tried the new sky chat. To chat now you have to use Facebook Messaging.

    9.45am We’ve got your message and will connect you with an expert as soon as possible. We’ll try to respond to your message quickly

    10.06am Nathan is now available and will be in touch soon to discuss your query. Thanks for waiting. – Sky team

    10.30 David is now a…[Read more]

  • It’s sad, that the age seems not to have any affect on who it hits.

    Today though treatment seems at the upmost clearence rate, compared to years ago when my (60yr old) Auntie died of cancer.

    There is loads of help given, it’s surprising how many people are affected. A lot you don’t realize untill you walk onto the chemo ward (male – female) and…[Read more]

  • johnbarry replied to the topic No internet access in the forum Other Tech 3 days, 10 hours ago

    Cheers Ed

    I dod off the BB router for a min or 2, it didn’t help, it was after the long off it went ok. Ihaven’t a clue how long off it would have took but 8hrs did the trick.

  • Good luck Bob. sorry to hear what your’e going through and I hope you can sort help out for the missus.

    Just lately cancer seems to be a bad un, the missus was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had op christmas eve (2017) now on chemo.

    I have finally sorted out my bowel screening (in April)

  • johnbarry replied to the topic No internet access in the forum Other Tech 3 days, 10 hours ago

    Welcome Margarita – thanks  I did try a hard reset and it didn’t want to know.

    Thanks Roger I had a look on your link, it frightens me with protocols winsocketc.

    I did try a network reset, no go.

    Staying cautious I will leave the repair kit (as Ed avised)

    Reading your post Ed I did switch off last night for a couple of mins.

    It made no…[Read more]

  • All of a sudden I have no internet access on my ethernet.

    I have checked the cables and they seem ok.

    My router has 2 ports one goes to sky and that’s fine, the other goes to a netgear.

    The light is flickering on the router (to the netgear) the light (input) on the netgear is on. The light (output) from the netgear is on the light (input) in…[Read more]

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Railway Bridge in the forum Other Stuff 3 days, 22 hours ago

    Thanks for the info Robin Long

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Amazon Shopping (prime) in the forum Other Shopping 4 days ago

    Thanks Both

    That put it straight for me, I can stop avoiding when it says Prime.

    I was trapped into prime once but couldn’t see me using it for it’s purposes, so I canceled it.

  • johnbarry started the topic Railway Bridge in the forum Other Stuff 4 days ago

    As I approached a railway bridge near me there were video camera’s (on tripods) at the begining of the bridge. 2 on the left 2 on the right facing on coming traffic. As I drove over the bridge a man in a yellow coat was sitting on a box facing the traffic.

    I found this strange I noted a Van, on the side of it, it said Jacob.

    I am curious, any…[Read more]

  • When browzing/shopping on Amazon when I see this

    I asume it’s only for sale to prime members, so I carry on looking.

    I am not sure what it means, if it meant prime customer get it tomorrow, then it should be on the same line.

    But then it says eligible for free UK Delivery, prime is free next day (I think) so is it open to non prime…[Read more]

  • I heard that when I once went to see Jim in Brum, Reading your post still made me laugh though.

    I once had a cassete Tape and listened often in the car.


  • Windows 10 cumulative update KB4090913 and KB4088785

    Downloads, await restart, on restart it’s not installing. Then checking installed updates, it says failed to install. It downloads again and goes through the above.

    It’s become a viscious circle, how can I stop it, it’s eating my bandwidth.

    It says it’s for creators edition 1709 I have that version.

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Does the rule apply on forumite in the forum TV 6 days ago

    Lee I had a peep at corrie only to find Pat is still in.

    I do record and watch (when on my own) a lot on National Geo. crime Investigation etc. 24hrs in Police Custody. I got fed up of Motorway Police – Police Interceptors, it’s more what the coppers had for breakfast that day.

  • That’s one we gave up on years ago, this year we gave up on Coronation Street, now considering giving up on Emmerdale. Not much left to talk about. We watch the ossy ones.

    I say we as I have no choice I only have 1 TV.

  • I recall on MM you was band from talking Soaps.

    Does it apply on Forumite

  • johnbarry replied to the topic RIP Doddy in the forum TV, Film & Music 6 days, 13 hours ago

    Sadly Tickled no more.

    What a great loss.

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Folder Lock in the forum Windows Talk 6 days, 13 hours ago

    no probs Wasbit thanks (didn’t see your post, over post)

  • johnbarry replied to the topic Folder Lock in the forum Windows Talk 1 week ago

    Thanks Ed

    I followed your link, I think I wasn’t mounting it earlier.

    All sorted thanks.

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