• A different question, so I thought a separate message. What happened to the Spanish flu after 2019. Did it just die out, or did we all develop immunity so that it is no longer a problem.

    I had wondered about this, but yesterday talking to Tamara she reminded me that her grandfather died from that epidemic. He was (or had been) a naval general in…[Read more]

  • I have been opening the link to the john Hopkins university site with the coroavirus statistics daily since VFM linked it here about one month ago. Did the same this morning as usual, no problem. This afternoon my pal visited (not been here for a couple of weeks with the cold and windy weather and his asthma). I showed him the site with all its…[Read more]

  • As you probably all remember, I have mailing list of around 90 mostly old motorcyclists to whom I post out weekly with details of a Saturday morning meeting place, where between 5 and 15 turn up. Anyway, headed it “Time to panic” and posted out VFM’s link from this morning’s message from the US virologists and the link to the daily figures.

    Three…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Use or scrap? in the forum Linux Talk 3 days, 10 hours ago

    I have been meaning to return to this with a final report. We tried many times with numerous linux versions, from Ubuntu 8.04 onwards. We found NONE that would work properly with the old laptop, generally the internet being the no-go area, which basically makes it pretty pointless. I would mostly have been used off line to display stuff downloaded…[Read more]

  • Jukebox, yes, those b*ggers are back. I saw a couple this morning. Within a couple of weeks there will be at least 40 of them just below us, mating etc before they go quiet (the ducks anyway, drakes remain a nuisance). There is a wet patch just above and behind me, into which they will go “paddling” (no, sorry PUDDLING is the correct term) and…[Read more]

  • I continue to watch the John Hopkins reports daily, and was rather surprised yesterday to see the big FALL in new cases. Today, more than made up for yesterday. The little graph has been amended a few times in how and what is shown, but now there is a linear graph, a logarithmic one and a daily count. Yesterday the Log version looked very wrong,…[Read more]

  • VFM et al, it seems you are correct. Today’s graph (a third format layout) shows yesterday and day before were a wee bit anomalous. Back up to looking natural again. Of the 493 deaths quoted, only 14 are outside Hubei province. Thinking about it, with total of 25 thousand, there is a long way to go before the “feedstock” reduction limits growth.…[Read more]

  • Yesterday’s infections numbers showed a significant flattening off. Today’s continue the trend. It does seem the draconian containment measures taking in China are now showing real results. They may have been slow at the start (which is now admitted), but they are well into it now. One new hospital opened, the second on its way. The realisation…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    A very simple question, now all the vitriol seems to have subsided, will this thread be formally closed tonight?

    Maybe a new one with a bright new title should be opened tomorrow?

    Les the stirrer.

  • Les. replied to the topic Random Donner Post 🙂 in the forum Recipes 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Returning to an earlier part of this thread, porridge. Not every day yet, still need to put away the cereal in the cupboard, but I am sure we are seeing benefits. My stool presentation seems improved, with less variation from rather soft to rather hard. More in between.

    Ed, you suggested adding oat bran; what sort of proportions? We found some in…[Read more]

  • I have been watching that distribution graph since VFM first linked to it. Yesterday it took an anomalous “slow down” in cases and deaths, but all corrected today. it started as a natural growth rate, but it RATE OF INCREASE seems to be reducing. Not the INCREASE of course. Population growths can NEVER be truly exponential, as they start to lose…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Random Donner Post 🙂 in the forum Recipes 1 month ago

    Duke, cut down on meat, YES, but don’t just “Go chicken”. Beef is good for you, just not too much. Tamara weighs the meat we eat, 45 to 70g each is typical, depending. Sunday and tonight we had a small piece of pheasant. Just before Christmas one of the lads spotted a freshly killed one on the way to our Saturday meeting, so he stuck it in a…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Use or scrap? in the forum Linux Talk 1 month ago

    Yesterday I decided to scrap the Lenovo T61 (no real alternative), and also a Samsung that came to me that has the “probably graphics chip needs reflowing” problem. Can’t be a**ed trying that, though I OUGHT to be able to do it after over 65 years of all sorts of soldering! I then spotted this one again, so thought  “try Ubuntu 10.04”. It would…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Laptop gone crazy. in the forum PC Talk 1 month ago

    It seems this is a known fault for certain aged T61s, those with nvidea especially. Time to scrap it and start searching for something else. It only cost £40 (or £80 for two) so i still have one good one. For how long?

    Dave, don’t want to pay that sort of money, but I may get pushed that way.


  • Les. started the topic Laptop gone crazy. in the forum PC Talk 1 month ago

    Something very strange. I have two lenovo T61 laptops, one of which “kills its battery”, so never sees one now. Not used much, but last year I bought a Win 7 ult install from Ebay and installed that, overwriting the linux Mint previously there. It was slow, and the windoze side of things maddened me at times, but it worked. Right now I need a…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Random Donner Post 🙂 in the forum Recipes 1 month ago

    Richard, the first time I made the porridge, I just put the stuff in a pan into bottom oven overnight, then in the morning brought it up to the boil. When I started eating it, I soon realise it was just a bit too hot, and I had burned the roof of my mouth. I am particularly sensitive there. Slightly hot cheese on toast leaves my mouth roof in a…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Random Donner Post 🙂 in the forum Recipes 1 month, 1 week ago

    I am not a “Donner” type, just plain old fashioned English cooking. We have a Rayburn oil fired cooker which is always on, and we use the bottom oven for slow cooking. A piece of beef which would normally be somewhere bloody and tough as old boots, put in the bottom oven before 10:00am, it beautifully soft and tasty by 6:00pm.

    After a recent…[Read more]

  • All in all, a s****y day, but I seem to have got everything done. On the tablet front, since it is only used to (a) read Russian novels and (b) read aloud from “The Railway Children” (her spoken English is OK, but reading AND UNDERSTANDING is poor. Now she reads aloud to me, improving steadily. I copied the two Firefox addresses, checked which…[Read more]

  • Les. started the topic Trustcard points in the forum Credit Cards 2 months, 1 week ago

    I try do all my transactions either cheque or cash, but sometimes a card is necessary, so I have had one for about 40+ years. so infrequently do I use it that I have to write my PIN number on the back in code!

    The bank I use (once Midland, I moved to TSB, they became Lloyds-TSB, now just Lloyds) has changed it from card to card, but currently it…[Read more]

  • Just TWO attacks of migraine this morning, so Gboard will wait for now, but I think you have given me enough to go on. Thanks.

    Linux Mint upgrade to 19.3 today if required; that will have to wait as well.


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