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    back in 1952, first year at high school, our form master, the PE teacher, gathered us all together rather than in the gym.

    He then proceeded to tell us all about the report by the then Dr. Richard Doll. Lung cancer and smoking. I think it is now almost fully accepted, and had been for a few years. But it took 50 years of industries lies before…[Read more]

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    My days of watching MotoGP live have been thwarted by all the hosting in Kodi being shut down. However, a shortened version of each race appears on Quest at 11:00pm on a Monday night. Not always possible to watch, but I was told about “Quest OD” so found the last two and tried to watch. “Not supported in your area” was the website’s response.

    I…[Read more]

  • Edp, if I can remember that, it will be another instruction learned this year!

    Cheers, Les.

  • Dave, yes, tried that as well.  In Terminal, only rt click – menu works. For years I only knew of that, before I discovered ctrl-(loads of things). I have not got my printer properly installed (should use the HP-Linux drivers), just the default stuff. certain items (pdfs opened in the default prog I think) will not bring up printer. However I…[Read more]

  • Edp, I have not tried any more yet, but do have some more emailed stuff to copy and save.

    I learned about the loss of copied data if you close the originating source a long time ago. I do a lot of copying and pasting when I create certain drawings, so I have an almost automatic routine of ctrl-c    alt-tab   ctrl-V   alt-tab to move back and fo…[Read more]

  • You won’t believe this. I went to the same email which would not copy two days ago, or this morning before I posted the above.

    It works for you, but it does not work for me, lateral thinking time.

    For the FIRST TIME EVER, I opened Libre Office’s “Impress” as I guess it is different to Writer, but capable of holding text (maybe). I selected just…[Read more]

  • This may not be specific to linux, but since I use Mint (19.2), I will ask here.

    I am a member of various email lists, and if some useful info is included in an email, I (used to) select the text of interest, ctrl-C, open Writer, then CTRL-V to get it into a document. Recently, however, it has not worked. Other than doing a screen shot, then…[Read more]

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    Wasbit, it is back in new, smarter clothing. I did nothing, obviously RSB beavering away to please us all.

    Great, Les

  • Les. replied to the topic Tingkering with forumite in the forum Other Stuff 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I found the “latest replies” a very useful adjunct. I will miss it.

    Cheers, Les.

  • Les. replied to the topic Scam – or genuine? in the forum TV, Film & Music 1 month ago

    Ed, No, I don’t expect Sky is there ** and clearly that sort of claim is untrue, but I was commenting more on the technical side of it. Maybe I was not clear, it is just that I disapprove of all paid for stuff. BBC, ITV etc get short shrift from the public, but they have been financially starved since the paid for stuff arrived. They (the paid for…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Scam – or genuine? in the forum TV, Film & Music 1 month ago

    Ed, you want a technical opinion. first, let us separate the untruths as I read them. get rid of all your paid for subscription TV (Good idea, LKA) and then use our amplified antenna. Hmm. What do you use it with? Your terrestrial digital TV of course, otherwise known as “Freeview” in the UK.

    Does it work? Well, maybe. But remember you can not…[Read more]

  • Les. started the topic Amiga 500 panels in the forum Other Tech 1 month ago

    I was surprised to find no Commodore or similar categories, so I will post this here.

    Some time ago, I happened upon these two Amiga panels.

    The first says:–  Power Computing PC 526 Issue 1.A500 8MEG Memory.

    The second  :  Power Computing.  A500 Power Colour Scanner  PC519 Iss. 1.   (And YES, there was a “u” in colour.)

    Anyway, my origin…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Copy speeds and odd effects in the forum PC Talk 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Oh dear, my reply just disappeared in a “Forbidden operation”, error 403??)

    I was trying to show how the web pages were saved, it must have been construed as a virus or similar.

    Anyway, thanks for explanations Dave. I used to use SCSI a lot, as it was discarded by customers, I hoovered up the stuff. A high end card, multi-way small connector…[Read more]

  • Today I updated my shuttle (SN78SH7) to latest Linux Mint 19.2 (Tara).

    Obviously, beforehand I copied all my docs etc to backup. I have two systems.

    An old La Cie unit containing a 250GB IDE drive and connected by firewire. The shuttle has a 6 pin rear panel and front panel mini 4 pin. I use the rear. I was under the impression that Firewire was…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic Freebies . in the forum PC Talk 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Boris, I could not access the links you gave, but looking at my spec sheet, –7850 should fit, but at a quoted power of 95W, it might be a bit too much for the PSU.But see if you still have it when you are home please.


  • Les. replied to the topic Freebies . in the forum PC Talk 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Boris (or anybody), is the “AM2 Athlon Dual Core 4450B” the same as an “AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e”, which claims a 65nM architecture and a total power figure of 45W? That is the closest match on the micoms listing for my shuttle. Mother board type SN78SH7?

    The “Supports” statement says :-  Supports AMD Processors with AM2/AM2+/AM3 socket:
    AMD…[Read more]

  • Dave’s advice looks too technical and comprehensive for me to pass comment, so take it as read.

    JCD likewise writes total sense. Don’t get suckered into the “borrow money” route whatever you do. It HAS to be PAID back.

    If you find yourself making loads’a cash, make sure you keep some back for the taxman. He is a greedy bugger, is first in line…[Read more]

  • Les. replied to the topic What voltage? in the forum Other Tech 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hugh, your comment that the USB plug gets hot indicates one of two possibilities.

    The first is that the plug/socket connection is getting weak, giving a higher resistance at that point, meaning LESS current, but MORE heat dissipation at that connection.

    The second is that the pack is knackered, so demanding more current.

    The only way to find…[Read more]

  • Thanks all. No oatcakes today Bob, probably not until next time I cross the water to the UK and visit N Staffs.

    Anyway, it seems I misread the upload limit, 500MBs per month not 50. I spent a while “duck duck”-ing (as opposed to Googling) and tried FFMPEG to play about with my video. Got it down to something over 200MBs, so successfully uploaded…[Read more]

  • When I looked in this morning, I noticed “No birthdays today”. Maybe I did not enter mine, for my birthday it is today.

    I decided as a bit of a wheeze (NOT “wheezing”)! that I would do a little video, and stick it on Vimeo with my few other ones. I have already online a 49min video, so 4 mins should be no problem. However, Vimeo told me I would…[Read more]

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