• PlaneMan replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

    That’s it exactly.

    It sucks bawls but there’s no point sitting here doing nothing getting depressed so I do what I can as best as I can. Ben having trouble doing weights in the gym because of my hands so the last couple of days I smashed  my records on the exercise bike, that way the pain in my legs is worse than my hands so I can then do the…[Read more]

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic PAYG Sim Card in the forum Other Stuff 1 day ago

    John, look at Smarty (it’s owned by 3) It could cost £5 a month for unlimited calls and texts to UK numbers, unused data is credited against the next bill.

    Hit Lee up for a referral link and you could both get bonus month.

    Switch the mobile data off on your dad’s phone if it’s a problem.

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 1 day, 1 hour ago

    Had my telephone appointment on Wednesday, things have got worse not better. The steroids did nothing at all.

    The pain has spread over my fingers and the swelling is still there. Doc gave me some co-codamol and recommended coming back in to surgery as the rheumatology nurses ‘helpline’ was an answerphone saying ‘see your GP’. 🙄

    Co-codamol does…[Read more]

  • About 20 minutes ago I did my bi-weekly fluids check on the car.

    Feels like minus 3 out there. Wind is gathering and getting colder.

    Some of the low lying fields out between Dinas Powys and Barry are heavily flooded, nothing really new apart from the extent of the flooding. They must be have about 5 feet of water on them, maybe more. Never seen…[Read more]

  • Similar to Dave.

    Not that cold as such, about 7 celsius, lots of wet leaves but a bitter wind.

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 1 week, 1 day ago

    It could be the weather Bob.

    One of the first questions asked by the Doc was if it coincided with the change in the weather.  That was a negative.

    I’ve never had more/less pain depending on weather, it’s pretty much the same apart from random flare ups.

    I hate being hot, slightly warm is fine-anything more than that winds me up. I don’t mind…[Read more]

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Postage in the forum Other Stuff 1 week, 2 days ago

    John, it’s not a complete list. If you are asked tell them electrical items or something like that.

    Something that’s on the allowed list if it fits the items.

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 1 week, 2 days ago

    Been to the Doc today as my hands have been agony for about a week. Probable cause is an arthritis flare up.

    Never had pain on the palm side of my fingers before so I was unsure of what it was, also never had very sensitive spots.

    Load of steroids, anti-inflammatory stuff (despite the fact my weekly injection of methotrexate supposedly makes…[Read more]

  • Bob, it was backdated.

    After the 4th tribunal judge personally intervened when the DWP told me that the claim was only valid from the 4th tribunal date. I knew that was bow locks but they wouldn’t listen.

    A letter to the judge and 4 days later a letter form the DWP informing me that it was going to be backdated to the original claim date.  A…[Read more]

  • Bob, I get P.I.P.

    Took over a year and 4 tribunals to finally get awarded it. I get the standard rate for care and mobility.

    I didn’t qualify for the high rate of mobility because I can get around a bit on crutches. My last interrogation, sorry, assessment ,  was about a year ago before my  fibromyalgia diagnosis.  After taking advice from th…[Read more]

  • Les, give the Channel 4 app a go on the Android tablet. That may well be sufficient for what you want.

    As for the Now Tv box, if you can use a TV remote then there’s very little to learn. The slight pain is using the remote to enter strings of text like passwords but that’s about it as far as I can remember.

  • You got off lightly Bob.

    I have some sidewall damage to both front tyres, probably some of the many massive pot-holes around here are to blame. The Suzuki garage wanted £160 each, found a place closer to me that do them for £110 each.

    Both places confirmed the damage isn’t dangerous but it’s a sooner rather than later type thing. Most annoying o…[Read more]

  • I’m with Dave, get a cheap Android box and load it up with all the TV on demand apps.

    Or a Now Tv box, same thing in result just a different way of getting there.  I probably have a Now Tv box kicking around, not used one for years. If you’re interested It would be postage only, if I can find it.

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Rugby World Cup in the forum Rugby 2 weeks ago

    Dave, I’d love to go to a match but my physical issues are a factor, not as much as they used to be though. Going to the gym 6 days a week has helped a lot.

    At the moment it’s my autism and related issues that are holding me back. Not been to any rugby game for decades but it’s on my list of goals. The Integrated Autism Service has helped me…[Read more]

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Rugby World Cup in the forum Rugby 2 weeks ago

    I’ve literally just finished watching it.

    I was in the gym when it was on live and annoying boring, real life stuff to do before I could watch it.

    England just weren’t in it.

    If you let SA play the way they want, they are almost unbeatable. Wales found that out last week, I’m amazed England didn’t learn from our defeat.

    At least Wales got the…[Read more]

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Free Games in the forum Software Talk 3 weeks ago

  • PlaneMan replied to the topic Gah! in the forum Android Talk 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    It does indeed look great for the money.

    I can’t find any mention of 5G anywhere so I’m guessing it isn’t. That would be a massive bonus for the price.

  • I was in Argos a few days back and spotted a leaflet about the Sunflower Lanyard.

    I was in a bit of a rush to get home before the muppets that pick kids up from the school near me jam up the roads so didn’t read it until I got home.

    I now have one that I keep in my rucksack, just in case I feel the need for a bit of help without having to wait…[Read more]

  • I hope it’s good news.


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