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  • Guidance From Scottish Bee Health Inspectorate 

    The Bee Health Teams of DEFRA, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have issued their advice and guidance for beekeeping in the UK given the current […]

  • 10 gms Carnuba Wax this is for a hard finish. 

    90gms wax

    500mls solvent. Now this can be pure turps, or 300 white spirit and 200 turps or even less but the turps smell is what sells this product. 

    Melt it […] PH 1

  • PH wrote a new post, Going to the Heather 5 years ago

    Over and over the old chestnut of the Glorious 12th as the starting date appears in print. If you want a heather crop it pays, literally to be on your moor by the third week in July.

    I attended one Aberdeen and […]

  • It’s been a late start this season and as of today’s date I consider it three weeks later than 2014. 


    My over wintered nucs are in two camps, the very ordinary and the romping ahead camp. The temptation is t […]

  • The weather changed and I have been busy today.


    How are they? Curates egg all in all, one is excellent and some are average and the rest are pretty poor, the long cold spell has taken it’s toll, but that I […]

  • In all the years I have had bees I cannot recall ever getting into April with out having achieved the first inspection, yet this is my situation and I am not happy at all about it. It is as ever a judgement cal […]

  • Please be aware of this dire threat and be alert. LOOK folks, remember Varroa. Oh aye and thanks for your help Gavin. Cheers.


    PH PH 2

  • After some careful thought, and from my own experiences, I realised there is a communications gap between those wanting to acquire bees, nucs and Queens . I am in the process of setting up a new site to enable […]

  • I will start by saying I throughly detest Porter bee escapes. I have two good reasons for this. The first is the escape it’s self is prone to failure. It might be a fat drone getting stuck or it might be the […] PH 3

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  • I slipped whilst barrowing some supers and one landed badly and the 30 odd pounds of honey broke off a side. Scrap super? Nope. Simple glue and screw repair.  PH 4

  • It’s been a good season here for me. In all honesty it’s probably been the best season I have ever had. 


    Started some 18 nucs and all the queens were mated with in 10 days!. Bred up some more queens as s […] PH 5

  • Had a wonderful flow off lime this season which has just ended. My breeder colony on a double National poly broodbox has produced some 6 supers of comb honey from it. Quiet bees, obviously productive, and not a […]

  • PH wrote a new post, June 2014 update 6 years ago

    What a season so far, just amazing. 24 queens successfully mated out of 24 bred. Very few swarm calls but one good swarm collected and hived. Some 36 lbs of honey packed and selling well in the dining room here at […]

  • Just to let you all know the site has surpassed 1,000,000 page views this past week. To say it is pleasing is putting it mildly. :)


    First honey of the year harvested and packed today. 36 sellable pounds and […]

  • Things have been a bit busy so here is a brief update.


    From 14 over wintered units comprising 12 colonies and 2 nucs I now have 11 colonies and 5 mini nucs, and 24 full frame nucs. Mating is going on, and […]

  • The new pic was taken on Thursday 15th May in my garden using macro focus and the bee was very obliging, posing nicely as she flitted amongst the blossoms. I can happily say that today the bush is alive with […]

  • Some Queen Rearing calculations. 


    I am offering for sale in late June some Nucs. I neither have the nucs nor the queens at this date, 10th April so how do I go about it?


    I took the 21st of June as my st […]

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