• I have logged in after my long absence to add my best wishes and to agree all that Dave R said. Many of us will have heard, ‘I did not want to…’ or ‘I had to stop after taking many times the hours planned for this procedure…’ or ‘I went to several conferences and asked others what they thought about this case… no one liked the mess’.

    Only…[Read more]

  • JayCeeDee, you are right, I had huge problems finding any way to write anything and the only way was as you found. Today I appear able to respond to your query. I have copied my explanation, and though it was addressed to Bob it applies to all who were concerned for my welfare. I am aware that the present problems are hard for all – the impact on…[Read more]

  • Richard posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Bob, thank you for taking a keen personal interest in my state of health. It has been difficult this year, and it is not yet done. We are shielding. My wife is OK, and though I do try to get out with daughter’s dog, trying to control various issues with my blood pressure, they are making life trying in addition to my other health quibbles.…[Read more]

    • Great to hear that you’re with us when life allows.
      Wishing you and your family all the best for the current tribulations, plus the same for any that dare raise their head in the future. :good:

  • Yes, I think you are right, if you do not have many of a certain group you are not going to have so many infected. I noted from the Singapore link that the few elderly victims they do have, appear to be doing as well or possibly better than in some other locations. Their success contact tracking is possibly the envy of many places.

  • There is talk that the Covid-19 issue is causing a slow down if not a drying up of portable computer supplies. Firms are either buying items to be used for newly created home workers or holding on to existing items in case of a need for the next few months. It might be wise to track what you can see.

    Sorry to hear about your mother, issues like…[Read more]

  • Any thoughts on why there have been so relatively few older age group sufferers? I can only wonder if they do not resort to warehousing older people in infection incubation retorts.

  • The hand wash idea has certainly not got through to most of the population as yet, Even when there are facilities available, i.e. when the punters need to dodge past the sink, soap and tap, about 60% of people using ‘the facilities’ did not bother to wash their hands, most of them then went on to buy food and drink. How many will pay any head to…[Read more]

  • Have a happy, fit birthday and many more to come once you are in your new home.

  • Richard replied to the topic Face Masks in the forum Other Stuff 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Be careful, those are dust masks and offer little or no virus protection. They may be sold as panaceas by some. Masks my carry another risk, if people become overly bold and think they become invincible. Correct hand washing and avoiding crowded places are wise. Other options might build on that firm base.

  • I had an ENT appointment on Thursday and signed off a consent form. I was told not to expect a long wait, it should happen in the next 3 months.

    We spent Friday morning packing up and dealing with the odd chore before a weekend trip. Then the phone rang, showing a number like a scammer in Delhi. Happily, it was the NHS, could they do the…[Read more]

  • I spent nearly two hours in outpatients yesterday as a follow up to one of the branches of my investigations. It appears that last month’s scan did find the probably source of my previous lung infection several years ago. Happily, though it has slaved away churning out problems, it had not yet caused the lung problem  to repeat. The upshot of…[Read more]

  • Sorry, that is a clash about what  ‘experts’ are saying. They said that their modelling showed 60% as the worst-case not the only case in the studies I saw and read about. You decided that nothing can be done to stop that worst case. That is your opinion, we can either agree, roll over and play dead now or perhaps panic and end up dead…[Read more]

  • Dave, I am with you, excess panic does nothing to protect anyone. Yes, a scenario did predict figures as high as 60%, but it was also identified as the proposer’s worst case. It showed what could happen if the public showed the levels of sloppiness that would drive such an event. Such predictions are not intended to be a build to plan, but a wake…[Read more]

  • Ed, a wee bit cynical but I understand and perhaps share some of that feeling. Sometimes it takes a major upset to correct wrongs and limitations.

  • I took heed of the comments about Magnesium and after finding a supply I started a short while back. I have also adjusted my seating arrangements with the PC. Recently, I have noticed an improvement in both my nasal situation and a slight, though welcome reduction leg pain. This has been handy as due to NHS ‘efficiency’, my appointment with the…[Read more]

  • Ed, we were both promoting the same idea. Delay the run-off from high ground via a variety of methods. Rushy, marshy paddocks, small streams with a series of gathering or settlement ponds, also equipped with rushes and the like to filter out the slit that otherwise gets dropped into the drainage system. Yes, outlets need to be wide and deep…[Read more]

  • Figures I saw suggested that the money planned for flood mitigation is now set to double. I hope the environmental disaster promoters, who’s ‘no dredging’ folly was recently reversed in the Somerset levels, clearing that areas problems will be set to work with shovels to dig out other areas. Perhaps some schemes to delay run-off from high ground…[Read more]

  • Our home area has been fine, we have just been up to York on Tuesday and back today. The main thing locally is the number of affected fences and trees with either limbs messed up or the whole, in most cases the whole rotten thing coming down. The floods we saw both travelling and in York were significant. In short lots of water, a bit of it in…[Read more]

  • Yes, I have also had a few different ones, Ramipril not only caused me a persistent cough, it also caused my wife’s anaphylaxis. I have lost count of the changes I have had somewhere between 4 and 6 different changes.

    The cough is probably tied in with sinus and other issues. They had resulted in lung infections in the past. Having a camera stuck…[Read more]

  • Did you install the TomTom app? I have never seen it. My mobile acts as a hot spot for the car satnav and is powered off the car when on longer trips, to get travel up dates and keep it charged. The car is good at spotting limits. I like the cruise control and the speed limiter to mange my limits.

    I have disabled most of those keyboards, so I no…[Read more]

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