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    Carriers may charge on a volume basis if the package is larger than its weight might suggest. Worse still it is often their weigh in weight rather than your weigh out weight that will set the charge; so in some ways the accuracy of your scales might not be the final consideration.

  • Several years ago my wife bought some shorts for me. By the end of the summer they were little better than cleaning rags. I then bought a couple of pairs of Dickies shorts, they are now on their third year and still going strong, I generally wear them turn and turn about from about the end of March through October. Strong, comfortable and with…[Read more]

  • Back in the early 1970s FotL stuff used to be very good quality, but then it went off. The last I heard it was no longer the same outfit at all. Have they now recovered or found new owners to restore  things to the quality level they once had? The price you quote appears below bargain basement levels.

  • Thank you Dave, I downloaded it and ran a demonstration run, it was very interesting and I can see its value right away. It found most items straight off and gave useful information about them, much better than other tools.

  • Not an hospital but a supermarket, part wanted the space on the left, part wanted the space on the right but they could not agree so this was the result. In many ways it was a lucky escape, this was caused by a rusted out wishbone that simply failed, happily not at speed. Across the other side of the main road is the showroom for the local dealer,…[Read more]

  • Glad you had a good day, I am not sure but the tablets might well help.

    Your work shows and will pay its dividend in the coming weeks, I had someone cut the grass today and do some weeding but cannot keep up with your efforts. A rose does need dead heading but at 6~8 up it is probably not going to get done by me anytime soon. So I shall not rival…[Read more]

  • To clarify a point, today I practised what I was preaching before a bowel scan. I arranged for someone to take me and someone else to collect me afterwards, so no car parking and no dodgy tired, very thirsty and very hungry driver after not eating for the better part of two days. Now I await the report on that one and no, I do not want another…[Read more]

  • You are not alone is having a non standard setup that basically precludes using an ISP basic system, about which it is hard to remember the gradually evolved set up created over a number of years. I have fixed assignment ranges for different functional types, DHCP reserved ranges, though trying to set up the previously unused guest range at the…[Read more]

  • I had a 2 door coupé, but I replaced it 18 months ago with a 4 door saloon. The Jazz, was going as well but it got sick, now it again is in rude health it’s the hospital car, the tip car, the dog car, the supermarket car park dodgem and one time granddaughter fetcher. Its smaller lighter doors allow consideration for others in the car park. I…[Read more]

  • I agree with the idea of using the good old \PCName approach and recording the resulting shares against a letter.

    My network tab can show things two ways:


    Both omit a significant number of devices.

  • SMBv1 was the pathway for several recent worm attacks so I removed the functionality of SMBv1 a while ago; I have just checked to make sure it was no longer active. Homegroups were introduced somewhat recently; I found them confusing and, less than useful as the then network ran as I wanted. In general it still does with file sharing suffering the…[Read more]

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    Wi Fi is OK when and if it works but if the house has some types of insulated walls, some types of blockwork internal walls, is larger or has a different layout then the issues mount up.

    Dave, I am with you on the extra socket costs which I thought were very reasonable. If you do not want the high costs of Sky or Virgin then the cost saving there…[Read more]

  • Or wonder how many customers Specsavers are missing out on, because people who cannot park like that one are everywhere. If they park like that when they lazily drive into a space, I wonder how many accidents they have reversing out ‘without seeing or looking’.

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    To be fair £65 per outlet does not appear a royal fortune when you count the labour plus overhead plus parts, though when you are buying I know every penny counts.Still, it is only about the same as some monthly entertainment packages or so I am told.

    I can see PM’s point, though would all that they want be available that way?A lateral thinking…[Read more]

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    Rule 1, everyone is different and there is no easy way predict how they will respond to changes. Even quite elderly folk will adapt to new items given the right support. The VCR did not phase father though he did find the digital era less easy to cope with, due to the frequent need to retune the !”£$%$%^&*()+ TV every few days. He wanted to watch…[Read more]

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    Well that is two diametrically opposed views!

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    Because all TVs have their own ways of doing things, I use the set top box most of the time and simply slave the TV to the box, It does all the tuning, recording and if needed pausing of anything. Even the internet on demand aspect is easier is easier using the box over the TV, though not showing photographs from the server when the TV is far…[Read more]

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    John, OK at least that is not a problem and perhaps useful to know for the future. Maybe that is why some TV <-> drive combos do not work well.


  • Richard replied to the topic 256GB USB Drive in the forum TV 1 week, 2 days ago

    Was that down to some USB drives drawing their power from the TV and the TV not really supporting the requirement? If so device with its own power supply might avoid that issue, but as ever suer experience should be a guide. I also wonder what drive formatting the TV would understand/accept, that could be another point to check.

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    I am inclined to agree with you Bob on this one. Some cowboys were still operating very recently, one called me a month or two back though I also agree with Ed. It has long been the case that you will not get FIT if the installer is not registered or the paperwork is not up to standard. The cowboys do not care, they have a sunset to ride into and…[Read more]

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