• I agree with ED, the Samsung extension connections box is a great idea and bests all the neck craning of try to use the sockets on the back of a wall mounted unit. However in Bob’s case it is not really relevant as he already has the TV.

    If the TV has a USB socket it appears that the ION should plug right into that since the ION units I checked…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 4 days, 15 hours ago

    I never went to the stadium, but the area around it and running back in towards London was ugly dire. I worked in an office near Kilburn Station, one in South Harrow, Edgware and Watford for about 6 years. I did some long ‘shifts’ at times. Monday through Friday with only a break for a wash and shave during some of the then issues. I also went up…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Cheap wifi cards? in the forum PC Talk 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Wow you are very trusting and generous Dave, but I do not feel able in all conscience feel able to accept. Still the other part of your comment gave some good advice about trying to plot signal strength. Perhaps that way I can find the key reasons of the building murdering WiFi signals over the next couple of weeks.

  • Richard replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Wow, that is a name that I had largely forgotten about since I was last in that area, Brent, my goodness.

    I see it is quite a big area wrapping up many other names; Wembley was not the top area back in the late 60’s/early 70’s though the area round Willesden Green is far cleaner and greener on Google than I ever remember it being in the flesh.…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Cheap wifi cards? in the forum PC Talk 4 days, 23 hours ago

    I too also suffer from walls and quite possibly ceilings that are about Wi Fi hostile as possible. I have put in three APs and some Powerline equipment to overcome the issue. Wi Fi is almost limited to the room with the AP. My latest router claims to be ‘very powerful’  yet its coverage really only extends to one or two adjacent rooms. I am…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 6 days, 1 hour ago

    I had been scheduled for that procedure at 10:00 hours with another different one in another hospital at 14:00 hours. Delays pushed action back until well gone 12:00 hours , so a 2 hour sedation recovery before being moved would have blanked out my afternoon procedure, so Hobson’s choice ruled my life again.

    If Ed’s assessment of the sedation is…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Arthritis? in the forum Ailments 6 days, 15 hours ago

    Good luck, my wife and I have had a few of those. Direct through the mouth or up the nose and down again, though at least one of those was to look inside a lung. Worthwhile as it found an infection. My wife has a hiatus hernia which causes her problems and all they every do is comment that it has grown, though a speech therapist, (I kid you not,…[Read more]

  • I pretty much agree with you @Speedly, though for that to be possible you do need a dynamic market and that can be where a market maker does something valuable. You will only buy or sell if the market is moving your way and by publishing a price the market maker creates a more open market place where, in theory anyone can chose to buy or sell.…[Read more]

  • Ed, you were very nearly right. According to The Register the problem came about because of some rather dim witted web site design that all owed code to be sucked in from Feedify to satisfy a desire for statistics on an area of the site that should have been secure. No need to guess where Feedify are said to come from. Apparently many other sites…[Read more]

  • Essentially the gamblers do. If you decide that you want say a nibble coin for £100 that is your offer price, if someone accepts the bid that becomes the spot price for a nibble coin. However if demand rises you may well find that the prices offered also rise in this respect it is like any other item. The problem is that the nibble coin is not…[Read more]

  • Dave, I can only agree though I was never outsourced as such I can recognise those symptoms of an outfit in terminal decline/forced destruction. In the end I only kept going in because it was so much per year on the pension for every day I was ‘working’. I knew I was close enough to retirement that redundancy would buy most of the time I lost when…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Router Problems in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks ago

    Thank you, I used a 14 day trial of EdDraw Max which came close but was (a) expensive for a none regular user and (b) did not appear to have all the symbols I needed. I will give those options a try as it would be very useful to have something available that I could use when needed.

    In trying to draw a picture I have also realised that the…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Router Problems in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Dave, I admire your drawings of your home networks set up. I installed a copy of a drawing package, (unlicensed and it shows). I had to use a couple of packages to edit and re-edit the output, not so satisfactory in the end. This does give a very rough idea of my layout and the way that I have used a couple of displaced routers to give both extra…[Read more]

  • That is the real truth. Those wheels that sound and look such a good idea are like those on a pipe-cutter that will carve their way through many types of floor. I removed them and used some ‘glide type feet’. Some felt pads have then seriously arrested the rate of wear. This allowed me to do some local refinishing that has lasted about 5 times…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Cheap 120GB SSD in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    That is a great price.Smaller drives have been dropping recently though I did read talk that even larger capacities might soon drop.

    I think the first HD I bought was 5MB, it weighed pounds and cost far more than than one would consider halfway reasonable. Its replacement 10MB was a reasonable buy as I sold on the 5 to a colleague. Both were…[Read more]

  • I must admit that the glass sticking to photographs was something that I was warned about many years ago. I came into photography as the old papers were going out of fashion and new resin coated stock was coming in. The old ones used to be glazed by applying them to a heated polished roller as I recall with dire warnings about making sure that the…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Great new (old) laptop in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    While I can understand the issue with an internal WiFi device not being white listed by the BIOS, external ones are sold specifically to overcome the issues of an inbuilt one failing, being missing  or falling short on performance. I can see no reason why an external USB device should not work, subject only to ensuring that the USB is compatible,…[Read more]

  • Assuming that you do get the remains off of the glass, remember that images should always have a art card or art paper matt frame with the matt between the image and the glass. The matt is there to give it an image a frame, but more importantly to prevent the glass and the paper coming into contact in future. Otherwise you need a more complex,…[Read more]

  • Not for the first time I can understand all view points. Frankly if your son was KO’d by the accident it not only had the potential to be serious, frankly it was serious and I hope that he is making the recovery you all hope for. Being a hero when there is something to gain is one thing, trying to be a hero when that does not apply is a high risk…[Read more]

  • Sorry Bob, sometimes direct action is the only way to get through to people, though I have to say that ‘our lot’ are generally a fairly good crowd. The lads on the truck do what they can not to miss or mess things up and I have to say that they appear to have some of the best skilled drivers I have seen at work. They never rush where it would be…[Read more]

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