• Ed, we were both promoting the same idea. Delay the run-off from high ground via a variety of methods. Rushy, marshy paddocks, small streams with a series of gathering or settlement ponds, also equipped with rushes and the like to filter out the slit that otherwise gets dropped into the drainage system. Yes, outlets need to be wide and deep…[Read more]

  • Figures I saw suggested that the money planned for flood mitigation is now set to double. I hope the environmental disaster promoters, who’s ‘no dredging’ folly was recently reversed in the Somerset levels, clearing that areas problems will be set to work with shovels to dig out other areas. Perhaps some schemes to delay run-off from high ground…[Read more]

  • Our home area has been fine, we have just been up to York on Tuesday and back today. The main thing locally is the number of affected fences and trees with either limbs messed up or the whole, in most cases the whole rotten thing coming down. The floods we saw both travelling and in York were significant. In short lots of water, a bit of it in…[Read more]

  • Yes, I have also had a few different ones, Ramipril not only caused me a persistent cough, it also caused my wife’s anaphylaxis. I have lost count of the changes I have had somewhere between 4 and 6 different changes.

    The cough is probably tied in with sinus and other issues. They had resulted in lung infections in the past. Having a camera stuck…[Read more]

  • Did you install the TomTom app? I have never seen it. My mobile acts as a hot spot for the car satnav and is powered off the car when on longer trips, to get travel up dates and keep it charged. The car is good at spotting limits. I like the cruise control and the speed limiter to mange my limits.

    I have disabled most of those keyboards, so I no…[Read more]

  • Your wife’s trip sounds pretty challenging given the health situation. How do you get on with insurance? The last time we travelled was some years back and 17 years after my wife had skin cancer. Insurance was a challenge at 3 times the normal cost. Since then things have only become rather worse, for her and me. I know she would like a break…[Read more]

  • The patio table was moved last night, which surprised us, as it is a cast aluminium one and it moved in the reverse direction to the recorded wind.

    A few trees have been damaged, though none fell. A twenty foot or more piece was detached from the top of one. I saw it when we went out and commented that it was far  from safe, as it was hanging…[Read more]

  • I wonder the same thing as many of the updates are for things that I don’t use. Updates are only allowed while I am within Wi-Fi range to avoid charges. There has not been much impact on battery life, though that is not much impact I have noticed, though I charge the thing every night anyway. The important word there may well be that I have not…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Car Repair in the forum Motoring Problems 1 week, 3 days ago

    Bob, that is a very true statement. I used a travelling AC person to come to the house, it was very convenient. The system had not been touched for at least 8 years but was still not far off the expected range. He appeared to do nothing but AC servicing and was very focussed, with purpose made kit, knowledgable and reasonable. Others might vary, a lot.

  • Richard replied to the topic A3 Laser printer colour in the forum Other Tech 1 week, 3 days ago

    I cannot directly help you, a few years back I bought my daughter one from Argos of all places. They had an excellent deal at the time. Otherwise, a Google search, perhaps even Freecycle hunt might turn up something. Sometimes the ink and toner vendors have offers that might be worth a glance.

  • Yes, there is a mumps vaccine, but there is also antisocial-media trying to block vaccination use. As a result, we are in a ten year high for mumps. As a result would enough even accept up a Covid-19 vaccine should one appear?

    However, I also answered your snipping over Covid-19, cruises, payments, refunds, quarantine  and isolation. I think you…[Read more]

  • Please remind me, which learned medical journal used the term Petri dish and for which learned purpose other than rabble-rousing?

    Yes, the Diamond Princess was an initial attempt to limit the spread of the illness, when very little was known about its nature.

    As I understand it, their separation and quarantine expires on the 19th of February,…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Car Repair in the forum Motoring Problems 1 week, 3 days ago

    Interesting, it was the only time I ever had that happen in over 55 years. I though that it was only me.

  • I wonder, do ‘Hyper-Ed’ or ‘Paranoid-VFM’ know or understand the epidemiologists’ recommendations?

    Current thinking is that  breath is the least likely vector for transmission but that hand  contact is the predominant transfer route. This is either directly hand to hand or via objects. People touch their face, eyes, or mouths about 15 – 20 t…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Car Repair in the forum Motoring Problems 1 week, 3 days ago

    Years ago I had trouble with a Mazda and vibration. Of all things it turned out to be the AC drive belt which had a hard, or stiffened area where some ID had been applied to the inside track. This was only found after the compressor clutch had been needlessly replaced. A cheap replacement belt work flawlessly until I sold the car several years…[Read more]

  • The ninth case is a Chinese national, who failed to follow protocol. After ringing 111 she took an UBER to the hospital where the reception staff who saw her are now in self seclusion at home. This is a probably inevitable consequence of travel. If I were to make the mistake of travelling to a foreign land, knowing the protocol for such cases…[Read more]

  • Any truth in the rumour that I heard that ‘Google is gearing up to produce millions of their Google Glasses so that each arriving passengers will be forced to wear them to allow tracking of all contacts for up to 21 days’? It is being said this is the only way to keep track of them all other than closing the borders for the next month, both BA and…[Read more]

  • I visited the local hospital with my wife today, all as normal, except that the usual 60 minute delay to appointments was dropped back to 42 minutes.

    On the way we passed the Corona Virus Pod. About the size of one of those asbestos remover’s changing pods. All looked very shining, and unused. It is to be hoped it will remain in that pristine…[Read more]

  • Oh, that is a contradiction. Yesterday’s news said that he had not been to any scout meetings since his return and admission to hospital. Which is the false news?

    Brighton’s schools have given the option to worried parents for children to stay away for a few days, it is half-term from Friday afternoon anyway.

    Quote “Parents were told: “If you…[Read more]

  • I can see you are badly worried, however nothing I have read from the WHO or anyone else, in the past half hour justifies even 1/100th of the panic you appear to feel. The WHO are putting out recommendations which the UK government appears to reproduce almost word for word. A University of East Anglia professor suggested that pathways rife with…[Read more]

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