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    Yes Les that is why I called it non exclusive as I am a member. I to built a crystal set later replaced by a ‘transistor set’ built from a ‘Henry Radio’ kit. Then a amplifier kit I bought from a local outlet to boost the performance via a transistor amp failed to include the required transistor… some further shopping located a suitable item. I…[Read more]

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    The ‘club’ of those who remember Horace has non exclusive membership, after all I am in that group.

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    That is great news, the very last thing you want is to end up having to deal with the ‘Court of Abuse’. They self title themselves as the ‘Court of Protection’ and while they might sometimes try to protect their own backsides after the harm has been done; protecting the best interests of clients was very far from their often totally obstructive,…[Read more]

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    Ed, you are right on the money there with all points. It is not a good week at the moment, two appointments down for my wife and a third to go within two hours and a monumental issue with a housing cock-up crew affecting my disabled daughter. That is enough for the moment but PM Ed is right there with both points covering what I needed to say.

  • Les, you have probably seen the effects of narrowing down career choices too early and the inbuilt attitudes to work that can build up. While overseas I saw the effects of two types of employee evolution. One ‘classically developed’ through work and learning what was needed, the others through theoretically based training. One faced with a fault…[Read more]

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    While that is currently a ‘happy state’ for now, it may not remain that way and the change can happen quickly, almost overnight – or even in the middle of the night when dressed for bed. Whatever the weather conditions and how suitable the attire. That is the dangerous phase ,when even the most mild mannered person can become uncontrollable if…[Read more]

  • There is always a balance to be achieved and probably no one does it very well. The FAA are, by now probably either stuffed with Trump’s yes bozo’s or others who just want to keep their heads down anyway. The French are limited by their civil service training and cultural development straight jackets. Our lot well I was briefly a civil servant in…[Read more]

  • Thanks JCD, the link showed how Harold W also had a finger in the failure pie of the UK computer industry. Though whether it failed because of its own internal problems or was pushed is a hotly debated question, but fail it did.

  • Les, most of the developments and improvements came from a mix of either private companies or key workers on their own or within those companies. When was the last time the world wanted leading technologies produced by the civil service?

    As for the abandonment of/attempts to destroy the air industry by Harold W the least said about that the…[Read more]

  • Thank you Bob for the amplification and clarification. What a truly ‘bloody’ difference, one no deaths, just a reminder to the person in charge to take charge, the other left nothing for the undertaker. I wonder which one got it right, wow a really hard question for some to follow.

  • I share your lack of enthusiasm for the way this has been handled. While the bitey dog might be useful, I am not totally sure I feel comfortable with him as the pilot and the real thing relegated to a watch and fail role as they have now become. Certification should be governed by one set of rules for all, not one for (a) ‘nothing really required’…[Read more]

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    If you have ever had any manual handling training or seen the manual handling videos this will not have been a complete surprise. The careful shaping of the ‘stones’ to allow them to create a finished structure was of course selling a feature for the cement industry, but none the worse for that. For me it was rolling large oil drums, or walking…[Read more]

  • That was probably tripped by the realisation that Boeing caused an issue, the link insists on the acceptance of all cookies – including its advertising related ones, so I did not go through with reading the post. I accept your comment about it though.

    I suspect a bit of cleaning out of some messy stables by the FAA!

  • Bob, there were several themes that have emerged, the on the cheap use of a single and demonstratively unreliable source of guidance information to the compulsory crash causing MCAS system. That the new nacelle design causes a further unstable source of lift in addition to the thrust centre changes, etc. is held by those on the ‘unhappy side’ to…[Read more]

  • Very thought provoking and sobering. I never expect to risk using a 737 MAX, – or for that matter any other aircraft, but for other machines that is for very different reasons.

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    Ed, there is no way I can argue: unless you have seen and felt the pain of others living in hope for an never going to happen miracle of recovery, the wish for a blessed relief has to be seen to be felt. Father lived clinging onto that futile hope throughout mother’s long decline and it rotted his mind, so his last days were spent in a…[Read more]

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    Please, pretty please and a really big please, do ensure that the chain if it is used cannot snag on anything, ever. Small children snagging such items on branches, twigs, hooks or things you might feel are impossible to snag onto have killed kids in the past. That is too godawful to think about.

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    It is a deeply personal situation and one that depends on the form of dementia they have as to how it will progress. The war stories from others do nothing to help your case but my mother had the vascular form. Over too many years it robbed capabilities in staircase fashion with long periods of relative stability followed by sudden drops in a…[Read more]

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    Thank you for the posting @WoF, but every time that I hear the bugler call that there is a new wonder package, I fail to find much if anything to quicken my pulse. Perhaps the ability to remove some of the passenger junk such as Groove and its pals will be welcome, but the new features in the last few builds have apparently passed me by. The likes…[Read more]

  • Ed, well said if understated.

    Bob, rent-a-mob has a lot to answer for.

    If these ‘protesters’ want to do something one way would be for them to lose any bus pass, oyster card or driving licences they might hold as they clearly would prefer to walk or cycle. Oh and hold the courts in say Liverpool and let them walk home?

    The major issue with 20…[Read more]

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