• Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months ago

    About one hundred and twenty years ago there was a pretty much free for all with drugs and drink here, Since then the nets have closed though not very effectively.

    I had Tramadol with a side issue of cocodamol prescribed, they failed to control any of the pain and only shut down my stomach increasing my pains.  I stopped them as they were…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Fire Sticks in the forum TV 2 months ago

    I found the demand services hard work. We have a Fire Stick on one TV and on 2 others we have set up several demand services, (Prime, BBC Player, Chanel4). After the initial rush of excitement mostly to see if it could be done and then to track down a couple of missed items the hard work of tracking things down meant they fell into disuse. We tend…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months ago

    I hear your exasperation, it is usually me who wants to napalm the buggers – slowly. Quick is too good for my strength of feeling.

    I really wish there was an answer that could be acceptable to all, though perhaps not acceptable to the bozo end of the social market where stupidity and unpleasantness roam free. So far years of trying and searching…[Read more]

  • Steve, don’t give up, many five door cars have a load space close to that of a van. Older, larger easy riding less fuel efficient cars can be cheap, but your mileage might affect things. Avoid older cars with a long list of high technical options if you want reliability.

  • Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months ago

    It appears the battles go on and on; this news post suggests that things are not in a good shape in parts of what should be society;


  • Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months ago

    I am not sure that there is a paranoid form of dementia as such, in my experience all variations of dementia can pass through various stages. Rage and paranoia are just part and parcel as the sufferer passes through different stages of mental and physical failure. Dementia is one cause of erratic behaviour, but there are many others, some…[Read more]

  • The ‘GAMI’ principle, get a man in has great appeal, until recently the only one I could get was a lady for  gardening. Getting up and down to pull weeds, trim bushes and the like has been a growing challenge. She can do all  sorts of gardening things in seconds that can take me a bunch of uncomfortable minutes if not longer. I may now have f…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic M$ in the forum Windows Talk 2 months, 1 week ago

    I have just looked for and found an update, though I am not sure it is a monthly one. It is running in at the moment, I do have the delay things for 7 days option now, which came in a little while back

  • The last few weeks have seen the need to sort out a range of device issues, try to find answers or people to fix them. Our shed is probably time expired, but getting a replacement tailored to the space like the old one was has proved impossible. The made to measure trade now builds ‘garden rooms’. Finding anyone to refurbish the remains of the…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Off tomorrow (Thursday) in the forum Abroad 2 months, 1 week ago

    Dave, that looks like an interesting option for those with easy access to the initial starting point and enough fitness to sustain the momentum. I have to admit that heaving luggage about onto and off trains would worry me these days. The challenge of using trains to London hospitals, even without luggage did not encourage me to think of that as…[Read more]

  • Bob, I am with you on your feelings about Airports. They are generally grim places run by people who would rather not be there and dedicated to making you feel the same way. Most are shopping centres trying to lift all the cash you have, with uncomfortable seating, cheap plane parking, usually expensive inconvenient transport options and hugely…[Read more]

  • Steve, having walked the dogs and thought about my reactions to the software rental or leasing model, I can see that I resent being barred or effectively locked out of some examples of software choice that I had previously exercised. So you would be right to sense my annoyance and a hint of desire to be less than approving of the development.

  • Ed, you have it as I feel it is. I’d be happier if the lease package froze if one left, but cutting off access is a problem. Sorry I don’t understand that being offered something I don’t need, at a price I don’t want to pay is  an upgrade. There is a regular email stream of invites to rejoin the rental party with offers that provide no…[Read more]

  • What name should be applied? You do not like ‘downgrade’ being applied to the now, redirected appeal, rental, product.

    Do you also object to producers selling upgrades as being just name-calling?


  • Steve, I called it a downgrade offering as I have no use for the new features at an ever recurring cost; I do have other uses for the money. I don’t want to pay for nothing. It is a personal situation relating completely and uniquely to me. When I last looked they were withdrawing the non-recurring cost option, making it a downgrade package for…[Read more]

  • Maybe I should watch this space a little longer. I will just keep using my old bought and paid for retail versions for the moment.

  • Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months, 1 week ago

    According to the available reports the van in question was pinged up as uninsured. Up to that point the thug, fool, criminal (name it as you see fit) would have been unknown to anybody on or off its ‘parish’.

    News flash, vehicles do move about and do not always stay on their home patch, they move about.

    The rest is more or less public…[Read more]

  • I have seen it be slow to load, but never a double load operation.

  • Richard replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months, 1 week ago

    I believe I answered your points in my note, I am not advocating a return to those days, e.g. It is one sound bite wonder to compare past efforts to use the fear of possible incarceration for stealing food against the certainty of going hungry. I advocate something more structured, if you can find the top 1000 miscreants by all means track them…[Read more]

  • BL’s deal idea is a better option than many, but for me I am not really convinced. Basically, though I have 4 PCs my wife does not really use Office and an old version of Outlook does all she ever wants. It is pretty much the same for me, though I do use Office a very tiny amount more than her, these days it is a tiny amount of use, some medical…[Read more]

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