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    Bob, yes she was young and stupid with warped, stupid romantic ideas of what the world was like when she was 15, (what now does that say for votes for the stupid at 16?). However, she is now 19 and still espousing the same warped ideas that drove her four years ago. During that time she says she conceived and in effect killed two children by…[Read more]

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    One other possible scorpion in the heap is that some countries used to try to hijack babies born on their soil so that a ‘fun’ letter could turn up many years later giving details of a reporting point to use for their armed forces. I doubt that this birth will be recorded in any Syrian lists so that is one doubtful risk that may well lie down and…[Read more]

  • Yes I read reviews of the paper but I did wonder how valuable it would be to the ordinary PC or other device user? The sum total appeared to be that most, perhaps not all exploitation attacks would require physical access of some kind, so it would be wise to reboot after each use to minimise the risks, or is that an over simplification?.

    I have…[Read more]

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    Ed, is her ‘marriage’ even recognised or registered anywhere?

    This whole subject is a legal minefield of possible legal debates, which no doubt tax payers will be expected to pay

  • I have used Win 10 for a long time and found it very stable with no desires to fall over, though to be honest, most of my previous versions were like that. I have managed to overcome most of the issues of external devices becoming lost or discarded by replacing programs or bypassing any pointless road blocks.

    You are right that is quite a list,…[Read more]

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    Having been through the process twice, once in the late 1980s and once in the early 1990s I can tell you that it is not automatic. Gaining a passport for subsequent children in the 2000s and onwards is also not an automatic process and both of our children had fully UK born families and previous UK born generations, part of the written law.

    It is…[Read more]

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    If and I hope it will not happen, the child is allowed into the UK it should be served with an instant child protection order and removed from the family, for ever. (I leave the issue of which family for others to row over.)

    As far as the stupid woman is concerned her own foul mouth is enough to convict her and that terrorist protector ‘lawyer’…[Read more]

  • Sounds like the matter is progressing as it should. I am not sure that the wording ‘have you been involved in accident?’ should really be held to apply to a situation such as this . You were not in anyway involved, since you were not even there. Hopefully it is a point that has been understood by their insurance company.

    I accept that insurance…[Read more]

  • The hate Britain and all it stands for as well as the EU and all that stands for leader of the present Labour party is hardly likely to stand on any middle ground! As for his cronies one of whom is a so called lawyer trying to support the odious thing that went to Syria and still spouts all her bile about killing innocents in this country because…[Read more]

  • I agree that both are an ugly symptom of the polarisation of ideas that can be taken as representing the major thrust of those not in tune with the more extreme arguments. Something along the lines of, If you don’t like all that Jeremy embraces then you must support (so called not his real name) Tommy Robinson. Or equally wrong, If you do not like…[Read more]

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    Ed, don’t forget that the friend of almost no one Putin, also hates the EU with a visceral hatred (that he also extends to the rest of the west). Perhaps Putin has bought off George to do his very dirty work, he is rumoured to have a hand in the yellow vest movement and sundry other destabilising efforts, no one for fracking by any chance?…[Read more]

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    Ed, you mean that the CIA behave a tiny bit like the Russians and the Chinese, though quite what that has to do with Europe I am not sure. Ah I get the link Soros has the Eu with its Euro and Putin’s Friends has the Mad-Uro in Venezuela, got it; only in those cases the love affairs are the reciprocal of each other. I am surprised no one has…[Read more]

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    I am unclear why you should need to involve anyone. A neighbour’s visitor did the same sort of thing to my car and gladly* paid up for the repairs. (A slightly dented plastic bumper and scratches to its paintwork.) I got several quotes and settled for the easiest to use, which was also the best priced one. One outfit clearly wanted to bulk up the…[Read more]

  • I saw that report and had to applaud the two for jumping on the problem, I just hope they are now doing well. The trauma can affect people long after such an event, no matter how well they appear to handle it at the time. It was a shame that the scrote only got a short slap. I felt no sorrow that the couple involved in the aggravated burglary in…[Read more]

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    Possible correction, should that not read ‘too weak training course’?

  • I believe that the classic car values were based on an agreed insurance value for the car as is/was, though that may have changed. Pardon me if I have less than zero appreciation for the wriggle capabilities of the insurance industry. In my opinion they can make the proverbial dog’s hind leg look like a perfect straight edge.

  • Wow, I have just been really impressed. Following the trouble with my hand I was awaiting a chose and book follow up, it came in today with 5 choices. The most distant places were 80 days and 50 days with the others ranging down to 14 days for the closest, which I promptly took. I can walk to and from that one in less than 20 minutes. Even better…[Read more]

  • Last Tuesday I had an appointment for an injection to free up a locking finger. Hold the hand flat then a sharp scratch said the doc. Much heaving and straining later the doc said sorry, the lump is too hard I shall have to refer you.

    Wednesday I saw the stomach man about a problem I had first had more than a year back. Back then I was put on a…[Read more]

  • Too true Ed. A neighbour was waiting at some of those damned temporary lights while the mud pie men played drink my tea. The person behind forgot to stop in time so a small dent in the rear door of the car and a split bumper resulted, the door and all four others was still fully functional. The next day they received an offer on the car in full…[Read more]

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    Thank you Lee, I guess everyone got a tug from the moron.

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