• I have finally got the thing updated. Thursday’s over night failed, so I forced a restart this morning when it offered to have another go. After huffing and puffing about it came back after a few hours and said nothing doing gov. I then did a new system image after which I tried again. This time it re-downloaded the package, huffed, puffed and…[Read more]

  • After waiting patiently, well with just the odd other pass times to deal with*, the invite to join the Windows May 2019 party arrived on two machines yesterday afternoon. Not being a brave sort I decided to throw my portable into the crucible of fire without first making a system image. After spending a while down loading and faffing about it…[Read more]

  • I can see how that would offer potentially interesting finds. I am pretty certain that the rock crunchers I saw in use would not leave too much to be admired after they had ground it up and pumped it out. It is tempting to think that the world we see today is the way it has always been. Though anyone who has live longer than the time to grow up…[Read more]

  • I saw that process in use in the Middle East. They retrieved a large amount of sea bed material and extended some parts by half a mile or more. It was fascinating to see the mixture pumped out of the flow diverting arrangement at the end of the pipes and erupt into a spray that tended to see the water depart very rapidly, either running back…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Our new Phones. in the forum Android Talk 5 days, 12 hours ago

    Like many conversations this one wanders  across many topics, but I suggest that shows the range of different life experiences and situations we all face. For me, most car parks demand cash so cashless is not a sensible option from that point of view. I can also see Steve’s point of view, cash is a pain and since I worked as a bank cashier about…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Our new Phones. in the forum Android Talk 6 days, 5 hours ago

    I always carry cash as we have several cash only sessions per week. I top up my ‘wallet’, (it is a small pouch on my belt), at the supermarket it is a very few feet from car to the machine. Car parking generally needs cash in most car parks so any change from cash purchases ends up in various machines. For amounts over somewhere between £5 ~ £ 2…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Our new Phones. in the forum Android Talk 1 week ago

    As an aside that may well affect a lot of possible future comms kit I saw that both Ericsson and Nokia are planning to run East and West divisions each as an insider of the different hemispheres as separate entities to overcome the present trade war threats. I wonder how that will play out and what effects it will have on the mobile handset…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Our new Phones. in the forum Android Talk 1 week ago

    @WOF I was surprised that phones allow themselves to turn off or be turned off. I always thought that the ‘switch’ was a soft button that should be easy to disable during critical activities. Though perhaps it is easier to cut dumb users fingers off? Turning things off while do some critical activity is not something I plan to mess with, I assume…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Our new Phones. in the forum Android Talk 1 week ago

    Bob, an interesting write up and it could be useful in the not so distant future. My Moto 4G Play is still working as it used to, I think but it is a bit slower even than me so can be frustrating. It was interesting to hear you say about the NFC, mine has that option/feature but I have not yet found a use for it. I am pestered to use it for Google…[Read more]

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    I would also be interested to know what you think of the oscillator tool. Some of them have quite slim bodies which I think might be easier for me to hold single handed with my clapped out paws, that one does look to have a fatter body. I have seen some in real use, not advertising puff and agree they are very good at what they do. A grout picker…[Read more]

  • I tend to agree with Drezha, though I would also add that you need to assess your own personal need profile as to what use you will really obtain from any portable given you expect to major on the desk top. It may well be that a very portable might be more suitable, or that a larger screen weigh in more heavily. My own portable must be about 10…[Read more]

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    I have to agree with ED on the need for a qualified electrician to inspect and advise. I have a very slight awareness that some modern power device connections can confuse protection devices and thus allow power when you might otherwise expect that protection should shut it off. I suspect that the impedance measurement has something to do with…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Electrical Earthing in the forum Electrics 1 week, 6 days ago

    The subject does appear quite challenging, here is one reference I found to the testing and standards requirements,

    I hope that will give you some assistance. If the installation is old then there is a possibility of many problems due both to wear and tear and the possible…[Read more]

  • Bob, I was wondering what was going to happen after she saw someone who appeared to suggest that yes, all was not well with that earlier ‘Friday afternoon job’. Is there any move to carry out any corrective work? I would expect it will need a rerun of the whole procedure, something that can require a higher level of skill anyway, and certainly…[Read more]

  • Thank you PM, I will speak to the GP on Wednesday about the issue but I wonder if the physiotherapist will have access to the sonagrapher’s report that pointed out the exact issue or whether they will just get some wishy washy crap ‘please see this patient’, etc. I fell rather p1 s2 off one way and another.

  • Rant time again I am afraid.

    A back in 2017  I had pain in my abdomen, following a GP appointment in April 2018I was investigated in May 2018 and bowel cancer was ruled out and frankly several other issues a small skin cancer and my wife’s much more serious breast cancer overtook me, so I parked the abdomen issue.

    Earlier this year I was in…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Three 4G HomeFi in the forum Other Tech 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Not at the prices quoted the other day when the launch dates were being talked about. A Tiny allowance for huge money would make it a non-starter for me. The question of if it will arrive for this area in my life time is another matter. Voice is at best flaky at the moment, so much so callers are usually told to call the landline if they would…[Read more]

  • Well done you have the result you wanted/needed.

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    I have not done any programming for a long while now. The first thing I did was reprogramme an up to 32 position training simulator in assembler through a 6 byte memory window – I learned to value the save option on that one.

    I inevitably did some Lotus 123 macro coding, I wrote macros to write the code I wanted in a spreadsheet. The local…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic Need a new phone. in the forum Other Tech 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Bob, I understand what you are saying. I wrote earlier ‘That is the real point, it must meet what the user wants‘. I have always had some slight doubts about second hand, especially when am item is battery powered with a fixed life battery. I accept it may well be a less than completely supportable position. Both my wife and daughter have Samsung…[Read more]

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