• Late correction, my earlier weight for the T3100 should have read 7.5Kg not the nonsense I typed in error.

  • I used to travel with a Toshiba T3100 from the Middle East to the USA back in the 1980s It weighed t.5 Kg and the Graphics: 640×400; 640×200; Textmode: 80×25. Back then, I also took along a printer to print out agreements when they were concluded, now, anything less than a full 23inch screen feels like to much hard work – but I no longer tr…[Read more]

  • The winds are bitter but at least this time the snow has all but left, not quite the same in Devon from the news reports. Thing are a bit rough down there. I was shocked how black the crust on the remaining bit of snow had become over night before I swept it off to take my wife to the quack.

  • Tippon, I am glad it all went well. Last night things were warming up nicely and at one point it was positive so I though that today would see and end to all the mess and botheration. However, when I got up it was still in negative territory though it does now appear to be warming up a whole 0.2 degrees and still there is snow ande ice to move a…[Read more]

  • It is already freezing and snowing here. I thought about clearing the car a short while back, but the ice is already formed. I need to go out tomorrow to take my wife for an urgent check up with the quack but not until 10:16. If it is too iced up I can dig, (figuratively dig) the other car out of the garage and use that, but I do not like using…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic 2 new pence in the forum Other Finance & Money 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Ed, don’t coin collectors have their own way of expressing the condition of coins? Unless it is something truly unique and sought for that reason alone, the slightest imperfection, which an ordinary observer may not even see, can decimate any potential value. Unless you are really clued up you are almost certain to get done.

  • I made some test calls, finally after five offers of a programme about ‘After 20 years spent in Europe a place to call home’ I achieved a success. After my telling Google what to do with its stupid suggestions (hint it ended up showing Rodney one of the characters from only fools and horses), I found that; Call home was a failure but.. drum roll…[Read more]

  • In conditions like those, better a house guest for another night than some of the alternatives, from what you said you might have your guest for the whole day. ‘Out west ‘ when it decides to snow the weather does like to show off and hang onto the white stuff a bit too long. After one historic late snow storm I heard there were accounts of…[Read more]

  • My wife has lost at least two inches in a short period and while she has lots of other problems spinal issues as such have not yet been one of them. I understand that the inter vertebra disks can suffer more in some people, though I know many of mine have shrunk, one appears to have left altogether leaving two vertebra fused together, happily…[Read more]

  • The thermometer now says minus 0.1 which is ‘cool’, just not in the fashion sense! However, it is the wind that will really get you. A wind proof garment and a layer or three below that will be needed in most areas today, even taking the recycling to the bin at the side of the house was not really a shirt sleeve activity.

    At least the snow was a…[Read more]

  • Richard replied to the topic 2 new pence in the forum Other Finance & Money 1 day, 12 hours ago

    Steve, I had heard some of your  story before, but the more complete account does make sad reading. I suspect we have all lived long enough to know some who have fallen, been pushed or perhaps even jumped through the net in that or a similar way. However, it is not the same when they were someone who was very closely related.

  • Tippon, you may well be right the instructions were rather crap and the need to talk s l o w l y and break things into chunks might be the answer as in ‘OK Google —- Call Home’ as you said.

    The problem is that with the old phone none of this was needed, it was just press the button and demand the call; clearly user adjustment is needed to this…[Read more]

  • No it was always unlocked and used for a while on Tesco mobile where it did get updates. I then obtained a new EE SIM and a large monthly allowance but in even in a busy month I do not go above about 50Mb out of a 5.5Gb allowance. Since using EE application updates have flowed but the OS remains stuck back in the dark ages, or so it feels. I guess…[Read more]

  • Nolan, I am with EE and I guess that could be the issue. My daughter has a Samsung and that was updated a long time ago, but she uses it for very little, and even that is mostly via home Wi Fi. Her needs and her capabilities do not cover the likes of banking, even texts of more the a couple of words touch can unfamiliar boundaries.

  • Yes the snow has continued with a little more enthusiasm again and the temperature has dropped a little more. Not a great night to be out and about – so I won’t be going out. The car is getting a new white blanket and this time it can stay there.

  • Bob, I will not comment very much on your story, except to say that was a really lovely story about your grandfather and I think it has defined much if not all of your attitude to life. I guess my Paternal grandfather died when I was about the same age as you and pretty much about at the same time. However I have few memories of him or my paternal…[Read more]

  • Tippon, thank you for the thought. What I am now going to say might sound daft but bear with me. The daily food intake is not the issue, but after trying days it is the evening wine or port or maybe even sherry accompanied by sundry nibbled crap that does the harm. The junk boosts a 1500 ~ 1800 calorie day to a 2700 calorie one, or more. The…[Read more]

  • Yes it is cold and unpleasant here as well. A grocery delivery left out one item so I drove out to try to buy the missing item. Sadly the shops was totally without, I think the freight movements have been halted for a while so daughter will have to settle for a different item for her breakfast tomorrow – and probably for a day or so after that.…[Read more]

  • Yes Steve it is a Moto 4g Play and given a good wind it will voice call, one or two destinations appear to give it the screaming whatnots. Though it should update to Android 7.x it has not had any OS updates since February’s 2017 version.

    I don’t put much on it, only a few numbers. Putting emails was a step too far though the mapping function and…[Read more]

  • Not a big bloke! Frankly I wish I could win the fight to get anywhere near that weight. I am probably an inch or two less, depending on the rate of vertical shrinkage I am currently enjoying but at and oscillating weight about 88 kg I do consider my self well above the optimum. Laid up over Christmas due to my eye operations and a few other…[Read more]

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