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  • The Duke replied to the topic I need an iThing in the forum Apple Talk 6 hours, 18 minutes ago

    The ipad air 2 arrived today. It works great as a till, but OMG ios is crap. Glad it’s set and forget, as when setting it up I just wanted to huck it though the window.

    The hardware is nice, but not a nice thing to use as a tablet. I won’t be rushing out to get a Peronal one. And glad android had an app, so I can do all till based set up and…[Read more]

  • Got all that covered ed. From next week I’m officially a member of the pub watch peeps.

    In regards to oping hours, it’s all done via temporary events notices, (Tens), as we have defacto 24h drinking, though kerbed on 2006, you have a set oping time, you put on yourself, (due to certain giudlines) mine is 11am-12-30am, if I want to open later, I…[Read more]

  • It’s defo not a real ale pub, fosters John smiths, strongbow are the bread and butter of the place.

    All easy to manage drinks. Which is good for me atm. Cleaning the lines now Lee weekly is mandated Lee.

    Maybe one day real ales may make an aperance. But that is a whole new ball game to Learn. And I’m doing enough learning atm.

    For the rest of…[Read more]

  • Yes, it will go up to about a tenner I expect. I may get the full name too. I have no plans for it atm, but you never know.


    Not quite as cheap, 7.99. But grabbed it anyhow. I wouldn’t use it as an email addy as I’d be forever spelling it out. It not the easiest word for an English person to say or forvthem to understand, nevermind spell.

    I’ll…[Read more]

  • The Duke replied to the topic I need an iThing in the forum Apple Talk 1 day, 5 hours ago

    I thought I updated this thread earlier. I settled in an tablet based epos solution. And ordered a 16gb WiFi (4g) ipad air 2 earlier. 16gb will be enough ad it will be a till only. And a back up for the cctv. So two apps only

    I’m gonna buy a second when I have some actual cash for the cctv, and it can act as a backup for the till.

    I was gonna…[Read more]

  • Cheers guys. BL I’m all paid up on the sky sports and horse racing end. No bt sports as that’s mainly mid week games, and we don’t have Thr business for that.

    Sky bend you over as it is. I vowed never to go back to sky when I got shut of it about 6 years ago. Then multi room was costing me about £115pm. I felt ribbed then I’d kill for thst price…[Read more]

  • Cheers. I’m not sure if it’s brave or stupid. Only time will tell!

    It sort of fell In my lap, and is a free house. But I’m now cash poor lol. But I have loads of beer. I officially take over on April 1st, so I may be a fool! Lol.

    Dave is setting me up some decent cameras, as the system in place now leaves alto to be desired.

    Back on topic, went…[Read more]

  • Blue skies across the horizon, sun is warm. reported 10 degrees feels much earther though.

  • By decent I ment

    I used gmail for years, but now I’ve got a ltd I think a real email is more professional.

    Luckily I got a great domain name. The pub is called The Glanglasfor, locally its known as The Glan. was free and cost me a whole 88p for the first year. So i’ll be using that once I set it up.

    Atm…[Read more]

  • The Duke replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 2 days, 4 hours ago

    It’s gone up half a million sigs since I posted this above. It’s an interesting watch in its own right.

  • Cheers guys. I’ll look into this later. Dan I don’t trust myself to run it. I could, but I’d rather someone I trust handled it.

    Especally as I’m setting alot of stuff up atm.

    I’ll look into g-suite and 365 biz. But would be fine by me.

  • The Duke replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 2 days, 13 hours ago

    Boris must of missed The page ‘show on map’.its interesting seeing what areas are signing the form and in what numbers.

    From what I seen last night, it’s about 4% of the vote if from outside the UK. However alot of them could be explained by uk citezens living overseas. So I’d sab 1-2% may be bots or interfering parties.

    Even if it fa’s 50%…[Read more]

  • The Duke replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 3 days, 2 hours ago

    I see the Revoke A50 petition is closing in on 5m signatures.

    If anyone is interested in it here it is

    Let’s get it above 17m signs, just to trully mess with people. Share it around maybe.

  • This is me being super lazy. But I know some own will know this off their top of their heads.

    I’ve just bought a new domain, what is the best and ceapest way to set up an email addy for it and for it to be managed via Gmail.

    At this point, I don’t care about a website. I just want a decent email addy.

  • Blue skies, a bit of cloud over the mountains, but the sun is out.10 degrees but nice.

  • The Duke replied to the topic I need an iThing in the forum Apple Talk 3 days, 11 hours ago

    Cheers John. It’s a strange story how I ended up with it. Drinking isn’t part of it. Lol

    I think the epos softer apps just want ios 12 for security reasons/app suport etc.. Not hardware, as its only a glorified calcuater and spread sheet with a simplified ui. Has to be for there security’s on the card translation side. I dunno.

    I like the sound…[Read more]

  • The Duke replied to the topic I need an iThing in the forum Apple Talk 4 days, 5 hours ago

    Cheers pm, I’ll look into that. Just taking over a pub, and need a note upto date till. The one we have is pronaly 20 years old half the buttons broken, have no idea how to program any changes. And is usless. Want something that will track stock and do the day to day books for me.

    Been looking at a free ipad based systems and proper epos systems.…[Read more]

  • Given us brits are famous for talking weather, u reckon we all update this daily. Just to see how long we can talk about the weather .

  • The Duke replied to the topic I need an iThing in the forum Apple Talk 4 days, 6 hours ago

    I don’t know alot about them, other than they keep them updated for about 5 years. So I’d be looking at a 2 gen old ipad mini. The mini is the cheapest entry into the ecosystem. Also the best form factor imo

    You’d get 3 years out of it. Or untill you break it.

    I’m looking at maybe getting a 3 gen old full size ipad (not pro), for a epos till.…[Read more]

  • Back to dull, colidy and windy here today.

    So it’s N. Wales, as usual.

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