• Great news Bob, keep fighting the war. Unfortunatly I’m still in my favourite hotel after 5 weeks with maybe one to go if the microbiologists can sort out some effective antibiotics in tablet form for me to take instead of IV drips 24/7. Back to bird bathing in the sink ex RN style although I do wish my legs were that bit longer if you get my…[Read more]

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    The first time I lapped a chip I had all the kit, wet / dry down to seriously smooth, mirror, tape, water. The only problem I kept walking to it, walking away thinking what if it goes t*ts, physically shaking. Defo NO!!! 😂😂 Things we do when we were younger, bloody silly really.

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    Keith I think you might find that the sweet spot is actually 3600, that is 1800 x 2. There is a debate whether 3200 with tight timings is better than 3600 with loose timings. But as a person who has lapped C2Duo’s, which I still have although I have promised to get rid of all the bits when I get out, and totally removed IHS’s from other various…[Read more]

  • Couldn’t agree more Richard, hygiene will go a long long way in preventing more widespread infection.

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    More to think about.

    Dave: Phanteks seem to very popular, they are normally in the top ten of various testing sites and I do agree they look pretty good. The plan was to get everything, running, settled and tested then when funds allow upgrade the case. Will look at the Bitfenix Nova.

    Ed, read quite a bit about ray tracing, nothing else to do,…[Read more]

  • Ahh, understand now, the bit that I quoted is total rubbish. Also masks have two sides, you change the side depeding on whether its you that are infectious or other people are and you are protecting yourself.

  • “The salt coating on the fiber surface dissolves upon exposure to virus aerosols and recrystallizes during drying, destroying the pathogens”.

    As some who wears a mask constantly I can tell you now they never dry out. Condensation from your breath makes them moist almost constantly. I normally carry at least ten and change them all the time. So I…[Read more]

  • At least I know what it is like when they put you in a room all by yourself and isolate you from ether giving something to someone or you getting it. I’m already 3 weeks in to at least a 7 week “sentence”. But while I know that some of those who have been “detained” will cope admirably others will struggle. At least my family can visit at any time…[Read more]

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    I have decided to build a new box to start playing some games again. I should think that it will probably be one of the last that I do build myself. I have decided to build one that has future proofing in mind with a GPU upgrade in a couple of years or so. As such it is not going to be cheap. As I am back in hospital with the likelyhood of at…[Read more]

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    My boy did a fake donnor which if I remember correctly mainly consisted of lamb mince plus spices etc which was the compressed into a tin can.  He said that he got it from here I cant find it, maybe you might have betterluck.

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    Funny thing that Bob, my “southern blackbirds also love raisins, if there are none left in the feeder they sit there tapping their beaks until the better half puts some out for them. (No I’m not lazy but on going blood problems prevent me doing a lot of things I would like to do). Together with the blackbirds I also have thrushes which I used to…[Read more]

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    Haven’t we been here before with the whole F-4 Phantom debarcle with the yanks in Vietnam. No internal canon or gun system, mainly reliant on AIM-7 Sparrow missles, no wonder they couldn’t dog fight. (Great aeroplane for it’s time and imho one of the best looking Naval aircraft alongside the Sea Vixen).

  • Couldn’t agree more Richard. As someone who has had to deal with supposed GreenPEACE protesters, and I empasis the PEACE, they are some of the most obnoxious people I have ever had contact with. They see no-one’s point of view but their own and in some circumstances direct action is required.
    I have seen the longer video of this incident and in…[Read more]

  • Dave I’m certainly not complencent. I have just spent 3 months in hospital in a isolation room, not including my 3 visits to the icu. During that time I have watched, listened and read almost every political broadcast there was. Even LBC at half 3 in the morning.

    Many of my Doctors and Nurses were from the EU. One of the Italian surgeons who…[Read more]

  • Can’t have that, that means labour are leading 8 – 3. Corbyn will start gloating 😂😂

  • 3 tories gone now to TIG. How many more?

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    When I started my trade training in the RN one of the first lessons we had was the film of the fire which occurred on the USS Forrestal in 1967. We were also shown the classified film of the effects of the fire below decks. The point being if you didn’t do your job properly this is what could happen. As a young sprog this had quite an effect on me…[Read more]

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    Well done Bob, good to know you are on the mend.

    Another 6 hours on table yesterday, got a better overview of options and finished now until Friday, when if all ok plastics will start choosing, their words, what skin and where from they want to use. Not going to be easy or quick, but at least we have started.

  • What was so frightening was the speed in which it happened. From walking the dog Saturday afternoon to having 2 hours to live in the early hours of Monday. My immune system was compromised at the time so that is probably why it advanced so quickly. However I cannot praise the medical staff highly enough even to the extent of the psychologist who…[Read more]

  • How right you are. 4 weeks ago had an infection which very quickly turned into full blown sepsis. After gathering the family, dnr’s, changing the settings on my ICD and absolutely amazing work from the ICU staff I managed to get through it. Now into my 5th week in the heamatology isolation unit I am well (?) enough to have a 6-10 hour operation to…[Read more]

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