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  • For completeness regarding the above and to explain what I meant by an agent of government rather than a government agency, the ONS is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority.   It is a non-ministerial department that whilst being independent of any current government is funded by the state and reports directly to parliament.   Its rel…[Read more]

  • By chance, Ed, you touch on something I have some knowledge of when you talk of post employment restraints.    One often sees such clauses for example where one must not work for a competitor for x number of months after leaving.    Those restraints are almost always unenforceable and are usually when tested held to be unlawful.

    However the post…[Read more]

  • LOL……. you are indeed out of touch as you most graciously admit, Bob.   ChangeUK have been having to deselect candidates hand over fist.   Yesterday, or was it the day before, they had to unceremoniously remove another, Joseph Russo, the CUK-TIG candidate for Scotland.   He had tweeted that “black women scare me” and that he was once “chased…[Read more]

  • This is the batch of Brexit Party candidates announced today:

    • Louis Stedman Bryce, Investor and businessman.
    • Lucy Harris,  Former fishmonger, opera singer, and Director of Leavers of Britain.
    • Martin Daubney, Journalist and commentator, former editor of Loaded Magazine.
    • James Wells, Former Head of Trade at the ONS. Wells resigned…

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  • I see you are missing the point also, Ed.    This is now about building a new party which sooner or later will bring about a clean Brexit.    Listen to the new rhetoric.   It is nothing like the UKIP position of old.   It is developing a broad based party.   Just look at the type of candidates being revealed each day.

  • Dave, your are simply incorrect.    When a Grandee of the Tory party, Ann Widdecombe,  loved by a HUGE number of Tory Members and Voters, leaves and joins the Brexit Party standing for it in an election the wind of change is perfectly clear.    Don’t worry though, keep telling me I’m imagining things if it makes you feel better………😋

  • I agree 100%, Duke.  What fascinated me was how Farage was respectful of such and didn’t mention the guy’s SBS background.


    You really are out of touch with what’s occurring aren’t you.   Especially when you said the Leave vote would be split.   Everyone from Watson to the Guardian is fearful of the reverse.  It is the Remain vote that…[Read more]

  • LOL….Dave.  The Change UK candidates are ex-Tory donkey’s just more of the same as now.  NO change whatsoever.

    The Brexit Party however is if anything understating the quality of its candidates.  Farage introduced James Glancy as an ex-Marine.    Glancy was in fact in the special forces, serving in the elite Special Boat Service.  He is now a…[Read more]

  • Want to see the quality and calibre of Brexit Party candidates?   Well five more were announced today.  You can listen to them and make your own assessments here.

    Includes Claire Fox a darling of the Left – so watch out Labour.

  • So tell me, Dave, which ‘Remain’ leaning party will the workers from those companies vote for – (a) if Brexit isn’t sorted by time of a GE – and – (b) if Corbyn does cobble a deal and support May in getting her Brexit Deal through?    My bet is that that bloc of workers will split all over the place – Lib, Labour, Change UK, Greens, et…[Read more]

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 1 week ago

    Dave, I wasn’t for one second suggesting a Farage Government might occur.    I do believe that the Brexit Party has a good chance of winning seats but certainly not enough to form a government.   Its just that circumstances are now such that FPTP is a hurdle that is easier to clear.  If you read back you will see what I actually said that we seem…[Read more]

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Brexit now = CETA +/-? in the forum Europe 1 week ago

    Dave, you miss the point that the Tory MPs need and know they need to appease their grass root members.   That above all must be their priority or they’ll be deselected or find themselves canvassing all on their own come the next GE.   This is why a tough Brexiteer must be in the last two and if one is will be voted in by the grass roots.   Tor…[Read more]

  • As I now understand it there is a route by which the party membership general can force May’s removal from office but it takes 10,000 votes.   That wagon has only just started to role but it seems 65 local association chairs are already on-board.     Give it a week or two and I suspect that the target number will be hit.

    Returning to the matte…[Read more]

  • The latest YouGov poll re the Euro MEP election voting intentions by party.   Such needs no comment other than the train is really starting to roll…….


  • Now beleaguered car company Nissan will cut 600 jobs in two plants in Spain.

    That’s on top of Ford’s announcement last month that it is slashing 5,000 jobs in Germany.

    If all this was happening in Britain the media would be falling over itself to blame it on Brexit wouldn’t they.    😋

  • Not seen that Sign Baiting but a local Dual Carriageway is Biker Boulevard or Hot Rod Heaven every now and then in the early hours of the morning.    Its very much Rent a Suicide Mob and seems organised.  When it takes place there are many one on one flat out races with all the others simply watching and awaiting their turn.   Strangely I’m o…[Read more]

  • LOL………Ed…..with the Brexit party already starting to surge that would be a clever thing to do and guarantee even more of the current MPs to lose their seats.     Don’t forget what Martin Bell did in Tatton.   Just 24 days out from an election  he declared his intention to stand against Neil Hamilton in one of the safest Tory seats in the…[Read more]

  • No real surprise I guess but nonetheless part of the Brexit Party’s plan to demonstrate it is getting high profile candidates; under an hour ago, John Longworth, former Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, was announced as a Brexit Party candidate.

  • The hard right eurosceptic Finns party just missed out on being the largest party in Finland’s Parliament yesterday with 538,731 votes, narrowly behind the Social Democratic Party who won with 545,544.    However, the Finns Party Leader, Jussi Halla-aho, received the most votes of any candidate in the country.  He won more than 30,000 whilst the…[Read more]

  • I personally favour what I call “Active Speed Reminder” signs of which there are a lot around here.    Those Led Signs access your speed and remind you of it as you pass.    I’ve chatted with folks in my Local and it seems that folks do respond to such and slow down.    I would make it routine to set one up on both approaches to all accident…[Read more]

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