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  • For me tablets sit in No Man’s Land.    Too big to really be portable as with a mobile and too small and under-powered for any serious work.    For me its a large screen mobile for portability and anything else a laptop.   Now currently have four older T410 and one R500 Lenovo laptops around the house and quite a few spares (R61’s , T61’s) not in…[Read more]

  • I’m with you 100% there, Duke.   I’ve had many a heated debate with folks and been fine and great mates instantly afterwards and at times even simultaneously regarding other matters.    My other half adopts the same position as yours and can’t relate to how that is possible.    Perhaps that’s why fellas have problems at times understanding women. …[Read more]

  • “The same words can be considered placatory or argumentative/provocative.” or diagnostic seeking to identify as to why things descend into personal attacks?     In my experience when such occur in life they are rarely about that which they appear to be about.    Indeed your post to which I replied suggested such when you said:  “That’s not to s…[Read more]

  • Tend not to disagree.  You are spot on about it being in my DNA although I’m not sure if it was hard wired from birth or derives of the ‘gene therapy’ of professional experience and training.   I’ve delivered training sessions for groups of up to a hundred and delivered presentations to audiences of up to 1,000 and have authored or part authored m…[Read more]

  • I see your point, JCD, but although I often have to clarify my comments later they are always off the cuff.    That probably comes from a couple of decades of on-the-fly debating with senior medical academics five days a week; which was often in a lift, in a corridor or anywhere just a couple of minutes were available.    Sometimes I think and aut…[Read more]

  • My response was tongue in cheek, JCD, so perhaps I should have put that in the joke section as well.  Although the bit about Junker and Tusk wasn’t.

    Moving on I have very mixed feelings at the moment.   On the one hand I’m happy to see BoJo now almost certain to be the new Tory leader and hence be sure we will be out of the EU by 31 Oc…[Read more]

  • What do you mean it doesn’t sound as good on the job description front?    The evidence is quite the reverse.  As soon as they are out of office they’ll either get comfy seats in the other chamber or nice fat non-Exec directorships here there and everywhere.     Sadly though we will have left the EU so unlike other politicians kicked out of thei…[Read more]

  • No, Ed.  He’s realised that he can win a landslide Tory Victory in the Autumn.

    Will he become Tory Leader?    I think it now close to certain because Geoffrey Cox just joined his supporters.   That’s ten or eleven more Tory MPs today falling in line behind him after the ComRes poll.    Unstoppable momentum?  Probably.   Plus that poll will sca…[Read more]

  • There is now little question that BoJo will become leader.  Likewise the polls suggest that as such he will drag back those who have voted TBP if he guarantees out even if its a No Deal Brexit.     The polling suggests a landslide Tory victory in those circumstances.

    I agree with Patrick O’Flynn’s (SDP MEP) comments in John Rentoul’s thread, [Read more]

  • This doesn’t look like Turkey’s voting for Christmas it looks like taking the shot when the time is right.

    Don’t Brexit by 31 October and don’t have a GE by then and then the Tories know they WILL be toast and the Brexit Party clean up when the GE eventually comes.   That’s why if the Shackling Legislation gets passed in has to be a GE…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure the DUP matter much anymore.   A GE is close to certain anyway.   But its then that Corbyn’s real problem surfaces.

    The latest data it seems shows that if Labour tack hard to Remain or 2nd Ref then they gain 4 to 5% of the popular vote nationally staving off the LibDem challenge and possibly winning some Tory Seats.   However,…[Read more]

  • Maybe, maybe not?    One thing I am sure of and that is that another dithering Remainer as PM will finish off the Tories for a decade or more.   No-one wants a May-Bot clone.

  • If a week in politics is a long time 2 years are millennia.   Actually so is a day.

    I keep looking at the latest tallies and they are now falling in behind BoJo at a rate of knot.    The funny thing is that it is all probably down to Corbyn and Letwin who are planning shackling legislation before the new Tory Leader is in place.   If that passe…[Read more]

  • Well I finally tore up my betting slip today.   I had money on Penny Mordaunt many many months back as an outside bet for next Tory Leader.    But today she’s proved herself to be a total Hunt…………….supporter. 😏

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Bojo in the Dock in the forum UK 6 days, 11 hours ago

    I agree.   That’s why the CPS can take over and end a PP.

    I was more trying to make the point that even where two prosecutions are equally viable upon the evidence one must always think of the public interest in pursuing such.    In the example I gave the CPS would probably take over and end a Blackmail prosecution due to the costs to the pub…[Read more]

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Bojo in the Dock in the forum UK 1 week ago

    Yep you are spot on about the 1968 Theft Act replacing the 1916 Larceny Act.   Much of the most all encompassing case law we have today still resides in rulings under the Larceny Act.    Before 1968 there was on the statute books no specific offence of Blackmail.  Instead it was tried under the 1916 Larceny Act as demanding money with menaces.   …[Read more]

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Bojo in the Dock in the forum UK 1 week, 1 day ago

    That’s the BBC fouling up again.   There is no ‘legislation’.   MIPO is not a statutory offence never having resided in any legislation.    It a common law offence.  In other words it derives purely of case law and age old precedent.     I suppose that the Divisional Bench (i.e. the two judges of the Queens Bench Division who heard the judicial…[Read more]

  • I both agree and disagree with that, WoF.   There was a swing to the LibDems in Peterborough although nowhere near as much as to TBP.    It certainly suggests the LibDems may pose a significant threat to both the Tories and Labour in seats that very heavily voted Remain and hence where TBP is unlikely to ever gain significant traction.

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Bojo in the Dock in the forum UK 1 week, 2 days ago

    That’s interesting.  Although when a case is verbally ruled on and the reasoning handed down at a later stage it is usually only after such that petitions for costs are considered.   It seems BoJo’s lawyers did argue that the prosecution was politically motivated and vexatious but, and this interests me, that an essential component of the of…[Read more]

  • The VFM Addict replied to the topic Bojo in the Dock in the forum UK 1 week, 2 days ago

    Dave, my post was clearly to Ed, but as usual you took the opportunity to get personal and take a pop at me.   Yet again you get personal when I had in no way have attacked you.    I had said to Ed earlier that you can’t expect the judiciary to act.    That is exactly what has happened.

    If you could see through your animosity to me you would…[Read more]

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