• wasbit replied to the topic PAYG Sim Card in the forum Other Stuff 1 day, 19 hours ago

    I have a PAYG SIM with EE for emergencies & to protect my landline – although I would never have the phone with me as it’s always left behind. Not monthly but I have to phone or text once every 180 days.

    OT – On a visit to the dentist the receptionist said that they required my phone number. I refused to give it & she got quite snotty saying it…[Read more]

  • wasbit started the topic OpenWRT in the forum PC Talk 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I’m blundering my way through the settings on an OpenWRT BT Homehub 5, but I can’t find, or more likely don’t understand, how to view a fat32 pen drive plugged into the USB port.

    Now that I’ve learned how to SSH in to Pi-Hole (thanks Dave), which I’ve disconnected temporarily, using putty I can also SSH into the router but am at a loss t know…[Read more]

  • Glad you got it sorted.

    Off Topic – watching The Chase last week there was a contestant from the IoM who worked in IT & liked motorbikes. I thought it might be you but when Bradley asked his wife’s name, it wasn’t Tamara.

  • Have you tried Freegle or Freecycle?

    There are other local sites, depending on where you live.

  • wasbit replied to the topic Pi in the forum Other Tech 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Started again with a new 16gb micro SD card.
    Although I’ve read that the class of card shouldn’t make much difference, a Samsung class 10 was a much faster overall than a Kingston class 4. Both using ethernet, not wi-fi.
    I forgot that the Pi has to be connected to the LAN & KVM to access Raspbian to get to the Preference/Configuration settings -…[Read more]

  • wasbit replied to the topic Pi in the forum Other Tech 1 month ago

    Thought I ought to try Pi-Hole out – thanks to Drezha & Dave.

    Word of warning, when completed it issues a log in password. If you don’t keep a record of it then you can’t log in to the Admin Dashboard. DAMHIK. I had to format the micro SD card, reinstall Raspberry & then Pi-Hole.
    Apparently you can log in via SSH but you have to have SSH enabled…[Read more]

  • wasbit replied to the topic Fantastic sighting in the forum Other Stuff 1 month ago

    A few months back we had the B2 stealth bomber practicing, probably for Fairford.

  • wasbit replied to the topic MPG in the forum Other Motoring Topics 1 month ago

    Presume this is a notifiable upgrade for your insurance.

  • wasbit replied to the topic MPG in the forum Other Motoring Topics 1 month ago

    My Rover 25 gets about 40+mpg in the summer, 32mpg in the winter & about 48mpg on a long run. No boy racer stuff & sticking to the speed limits …. well except for the odd mile or so at 80 to get past slow centre lane traffic. Think that’s ok for a 1398cc, 16 year old car.

  • wasbit replied to the topic Browsers. in the forum PC Talk 1 month ago

    You might like to try Pale Moon which is based on Firefox. I’ve been using it for a number of years.

    I’ve linked to the FAQ page

  • wasbit replied to the topic I can't see the menu in the forum Other Tech 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I also had a couple of days where the top banner took up half the screen – then it went back to normal.

  • My daughter had her head shaved for cancer research last year. We have a neighbour who was diagnosed about 18 months ago & my daughter thought it would be a way of showing support. About 14″ also went to provide wigs for children with cancer.

    So congratulations to Ellie. It’s a brave & wonderful thing that she has done.

  • It’s in Settings (three horizontal bars, top right) then Forums. 🙂

  • wasbit replied to the topic Humax Hdd Format. in the forum TV 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Lots of hits with “save humax files to pc”

    From the HVP-500T manual (in case yours is the same)

    File Share
    • SAMBA Server: When SAMBA Server is set to On, the internal HDD can be accessed as a network disk drive from your PC. You can copy the video, music, photo files in the internal HDD
    to the PC storage.
    • FTP Server: When FTP Server is set…[Read more]

  • It’s my default to view the forum & is still working.

  • wasbit replied to the topic Time for Tasers? in the forum UK 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I managed to scrounge a couple of old HSS industrial hacksaw blades for making tools. One bit is a thin parting tool for use on the (wood) lathe. Several others are sheer scrapers, used at an angle rather than flat on the rest & another is a well abused knife.

  • wasbit replied to the topic Forumite Donations in the forum Other Stuff 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Had a bit of luck tonight & won £100 in a pub draw so bunged you an extra tenner.

    You need it more than I do.

  • wasbit replied to the topic Kenable and Cat5e POE in the forum Other Tech 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I got 2 60m lengths of Cat 6 cable being given away on Freegle. One piece was more than adequate to reach the workshop at the bottom of the garden.
    Not having used Cat6 before, I had several unsuccessful goes at wiring the RJ45 connectors. Whilst the wires looked as if they were fully home there was always one that didn’t quite connect.
    So to the…[Read more]

  • wasbit replied to the topic Screws in the forum Other DIY Topics 4 months ago

    M2 is a machine thread (the type which takes a nut) where the shaft is 2mm thick.

    Wood screws are mainly metric now which relates to their thickness. The head size can vary between brands.
    IIRC the old No6 screws were approx 3.5mm & No8 4mm
    If the countersink (csk) is 6mm, I’m guessing that the hole will be 4mm & as it’s a thin plate you will…[Read more]

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