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Some may remember I was decorating at christmas.

As the title suggests, It was a year or two ago I was doing my nans bedroom while she was in the hospital and was...
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Vindaloo – Burn the virus out!

Take no notice of the title but I do believe there is some good England songs to get us through :) And yes, that’s a...
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Live Covid-19 World Stats

Live and updated Coronavirus Covid-19 Global statistics
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Covid-19 Live United Kingdom Stats

Live and updated Coronavirus Covid-19 UK statistics
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Corona Virus, Covid-19, Coronavirus, (2019-nCOV)

I will add to this as the shit hits the fan. I have had a few sherberts tonight but I will do my best to...
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Subscription Info

Ill add to this later but for now you can report any issues by sending me a private message or leave a reply in the...
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Plex media server not updating on Webmin – Ubuntu – 14.04 Fix

– Terminal – Enter Following: cd /etc/init.d/   Then dir   Then sudo rm -rf plexmediaserver   Now upgrade through Webmin or in Terminal.  ...
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How to install Webmin on Linux Mint

Installing Webmin on Mint or in fact any distro with a GUI is frowned up on for the simple reason your adding more to the...
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MicroMart issue 29

I have decided to break this down so here is a few page’s to be on with :)