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Official Scottish Government advice

Guidance From Scottish Bee Health Inspectorate  The Bee Health Teams of DEFRA, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have issued their advice and guidance for beekeeping...
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Clara Furness Wax Polish Recipie

Clara Furness Wax Polish Recipe
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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.   PH
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A new Facebook Group

Scottish Beekeeping Beginners and Improvers   I look forward to meeting you there.   PH
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Evening Classes in the Scottish Borders

As part of the Winter evening class program the Scottish Borders Council is offering a Beekeeping Class starting January 2018 for 8 weeks. Scottish Borders...
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Setting up a new colony

Up here in the Scottish borders it is in my view too late to be setting up a new colony especially if you are thinking...
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A heads up

Now the active season has truly begun there are a few items you should have to hand.   On average you need three supers per...
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SBA March Magazine

Arrived today in it’s normal pristine condition and with a rather good cover. :)  
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Going to the Heather

Over and over the old chestnut of the Glorious 12th as the starting date appears in print. If you want a heather crop it pays,...
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Over wintered Nucs

It’s been a late start this season and as of today’s date I consider it three weeks later than 2014.    My over wintered nucs...